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  • Santa Shot Down! Obama Blames Bush.
    A Christmas Tragedy - Santa Shot Down! Christmas In Jeopardy! Obama Blames Bush.
Comanche Pass, SD) Santa Claus, internationally beloved icon of the Christmas season, is in intensive care at a local hospital, in critical condition. The only information that we have on this tragedy comes from the Department of Homeland...
  • noard santa tracker
    Where is Santa: Santa Norad tracker 2014, video
    Christmas Eve is finally here! The holiday dinner has been planned and the schedule has been gone over a dozen times, making sure nothing is forgotten. And after visiting dozens of stores and websites picking out a gift for everyone on your list,...
  • I grew up with Santa, not Jesus
    I grew up with Santa, not Jesus
    As a child Christmas was exciting and magical. As an adult it became just another commercialized holiday. As a Christian, it has that excitement again because my perspective is no longer on me, but on Christ.I was raised with Santa, not Jesus. I...
  • Mr. Claus and Prancer
    North pole citings
    Improvements continue to develop according to Mr. Green of the United Green Space Regulatory (UGSR) for the North Pole operations establishing environmental best practices. In the first article published on December 18, the North Pole operations...
  • Rogue's "Santa's Private Reserve Ale"
    Brew review: Rogue's "Santa's Private Ale" (Newport, Oregon)
    It's Christmas time in the city, and what better way to ring in everyone's favorite holiday (well, most everyone) than with a seasonal brew celebrating ol' St. Nick. No doubt Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon knew what they were doing...
  • Gun range billboard: Santa with AR-15 rifle turns heads, town angry over billboard use
    Gun range billboard: Too violent for Christmas? Santa, AR-15 rifle fires dispute
    A gun range billboard on Highway 99 is firing up some serious dispute this week, with some people in Butte County calling the advertisement far too violent for the Christmas season. The controversial, eye-catching billboard features Santa Claus...
  • Santa Face
    26 Santa themed free crochet patterns
    We can all buy Santa Claus decorations, but I think making your own Santas with love and care means so much more. Yarn and thread is still relatively inexpensive and with a few crochet skills and your trusty hook, your home will look like the...
  • Santa Reading
    Who is the reason?
    Who is the reason for the celebration of the season we call Christmas? Or maybe the question should be, what is the reason for the season? Christmas is the most misunderstood holiday anywhere. The “holiday season” has been celebrated...
  • A Revolutionary Christmas--a revolution of a new Christmas Classic
    Holiday-themed shows
    Winter’s chill makes for the desire to come out of the elements and enjoy a little indoor fun. Movies are great on rainy days, but during the magic of the holiday season, an outing to see a live-action show or play may be just the thing to...
  • Steam Into Christmas Past
    Christmas Trains
    Steam Into History, Inc. has a wonderful train of thought when it comes to keeping guests happy and entertained. The many train packages they boast as well as special-event train rides are special indeed. No matter what season it is, Steam Into...
  • Brothers have taken photos sitting together on Santa's lap for the last 34 years
    Brothers have taken photos sitting together on Santa's lap for the last 34 years
    On the Steve Harvey's daytime talk show on Dec. 17 during his "One More Thing" segment, two brothers shared a Christmas tradition. Mike and Martin Gray have sat together on Santa's lap and taken a photo with him every Christmas...
  • Hotchkiss Fyler House at Christmas
    Torrington Connecticut's Christmas Village
    Torrington is a small city located in the heart of the Litchfield Hills that has a big Christmas Tradition, the Christmas Village, a favorite of young and old alike that is now in it's 67th year. One thing that makes this Christmas Village...
  • Georgia Chruch: Santa is Satan
    Georgia Pastor warns that Santa Claus is really Satan
    Harlem, GA is a small town of nearly 2800 located about 20 miles west of Augusta, GA. Harlem is deeply red with over 70% of voters choosing McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. 67% of the town’s population identify themselves as ‘white...
  • Places to see Santa in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area
    5 fun places to see Santa in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area
    Guess who is coming to town? Santa Claus and his elves are ready to listen to your child’s wishes for Christmas this year. He will be visiting many venues in south Florida, so be sure to jot down one of these events on your calendar to take...
  • Holiday Wish List: Mont Cascades Golf Club
    Holiday Wish List: Mont Cascades Golf Club
    Holiday gift-getters can create a ton of Christmas joy this season when they pack Santa’s sack with presents from Mont Cascades Golf Club for the golfers they know and love.The Gatineau Hill track starts off the gift giving parade by...
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