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  • Deleted Scenes Plays First NYC Headlining Set To Celebrate 7" Release
    Deleted Scenes Plays First NYC Headlining Set To Celebrate 7" Release
    At times, Dan Scheuerman of Deleted Scenes pulls the lackadaisical lead singer veil where he banters about drunken family holidays and Adderol to reveal some graciousness."It's really charity you guys are doing for us," Scheuerman...
  • SWF
    SWF Debuts at CMJ with a sound from the past and an eye on the future
    SWF played his CMJ debut to a crowd of 19 as the opening act on a six-band bill at the Rock Shop in the backwater of Gowanus, Brooklyn. At that hour, there were likely more drinks pouring into the glasses of industry bigwigs than fans populating...
  • Real Estate
    CMJ Music Marathon Day 3: Where to go and who to see
    Thousands of musicians, promoters, industry professionals and journalists have invaded New York for CMJ Music Marathon 2013, the city's annual fest for discovering new music.Panels and workshops during the day turn the evening over to live...
  • 056.JPG
    USWO, SAW and SWF Hit the Wrestling Ring on Friday Night
    Nore Havoc (left) will be taking on Jeff "The Crippler" Danielson Friday night at USWO. Photo Credit: Lekisha Oliver. Daniels vs. Havoc Headline USWO on Friday NightHaving a history at the USWO, Nore Havoc and Jeff "The Crippler...
  • atl.jpg
    Championships On The Line in Nashville Friday night
    ATL Tag Team Champions Chrisjen Hayme (left) and Drew Haskins(right) will put the gold on the line on Friday night. Photos Credit: Wez. USWO Titles All On The Line at Freedom Blast!Colson Auto Auction sponsors night one of Freedom Blast.USWO will...
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