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  • Potato chip brownies
    Addictive potato chip brownie recipe: Salty and sweet dreams do come true
    What do you reach for when you have a craving for something salty and sweet? Wouldn’t it be great if someone would create the ultimate salty and sweet treat? Try this on for size: rich chocolate brownie infused with salty crunchy potato...
  • Trader Joe's Coffee Cups
    Trader Joe's Coffee Cups for Keurig
    August is National Coffee Month, and we wanted to showcase Trader Joe's Coffee Cups. These are single serve medium roast k cups that are compatible with Keurig Brewing Systems. Like many people who are addicted to our Keurig brewer but also...
  • Cookie plate
    The cookie addiction
    Do you ever feel like you’re addicted to pizza, peanut butter, or salty chips? There is a reason. Today’s foods contain inordinate amounts of fat, salt, and sugar, which trigger your dopamine levels to rise. Since dopamine is the ...
  • Nona's Homemade Ice Cream
    Review of Nona's Homemade Ice Cream
    Nona’s Homemade Ice Cream is a well known establishment on the South Shore with two locations in beautiful Scituate harbor, MA and Hingham square. This Fourth of July weekend, we sampled two ice cream flavors, Mocha Almond and Vanilla M&...
  • Greater Philadelphia: Sweet February events
    Greater Philadelphia: Sweet February events
    Whether a treat for Valentine’s Day, or a tempting time to with amiable friends, these event options are especially aromatic and palatable. February has never seemed so sweet. Check your calendar, share with friends and treat your sweetheart...
  • Yams with orange juice sauce: a sweet side for a savory dinner
    Yams with orange juice sauce: a sweet side for a savory dinner
    Many people think they are one and the same, but yams and sweet potatoes are different vegetables. Although they are both tubers, they aren't even related, according to a Sweet Potato Fact Sheet put out by the State of Wisconsin. How do they...
  • Halloween party food
    How to make Indian cuisine inspired Halloween treats?
    Halloween is on Oct. 31 which is a Friday this year. This would inspire a lot of people to host Halloween parties, Halloween dress ups etc. Here are a couple of ideas on how to make this Halloween spookier and scarier using some Indian recipes.1....
  • Notice how the sugar content is missing?
    Craving sweets? So is everyone else
    Ever wonder why you can’t go a day without a hit of sugar? Maybe it’s because research shows that it is at least eight times as addicting as cocaine. Eight times! With sugar being poured into everything from ketchup and barbecue sauce...
  • Dunkin' Donuts!
    The Trouble With Dunkin Donuts
    We've been watching the commercials for years now. "It's time to make the donuts..." was quickly adapted into our vernacular and the coffee was getting good reviews. Times were simpler then and the public accepted the offerings...
  • Earl
    Sweet pitty Earl saved, but now needs a home - Seneca, SC
    On May 2nd, Shelley Smith had to take a beautiful brindled pit bull named Earl to the Oconee County Animal Shelter. (See original article here -
  • Sweet Pitty Earl
    Sweet pitty Earl will die May 7th or 8th without rescue - can you help?
    Shelly Smith was visiting a friend in Seneca towards the end of April when she met Earl.Earl, a gorgeous brown brindled pit bull, was wandering the streets and kept walking in front of Shelly's car so that she had to stop. When she opened the...
  • Sprinkles sundae
    Sweeten your way to summertime at the new Sprinkles ice cream shop
    After a long, grueling winter, it seems safe to say that Spring has finally arrived in New York. Summer is therefore not far off and Sprinkles, the beloved Upper East Side cupcakery, has figured out how to keep its customers happy year-round.If...
  • Today in Rock: April 25
    Today in Rock: April 25
    Today in music history:There were several significant events on this day between the years 1918 and 2007.On this day in 1918 future songstress Ella Fitzgerald is born in Newport News, Virginia.On this day 1967 The Beatles work on recording Magical...
  • Momofuko Milk Bar's Crack Pie Remix
    Momofuko Milk Bar's Crack Pie Remix
    If you've ever heard of Momofuko Milk Bar in New York, then you've heard of their Crack Pie. This thing is ridiculously good and can get you addicted to its super sweetness with one bite. They post the recipe on their website, but after...
  • Junk Food Clothing Campaign
    Satisfy Your Sweet-tooth With ‘Junkfood’
    It’s hard to resist a table spread of your favorite sweets, whether it be uptown styled pastries like raspberry-filled macaroons or blueberry infused Petrossian cakes, fondly known as blueberry tarts, with warm, flaky dough, lightly topped...
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