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  • Damon Little opens up about recent heart surgery
    Quartet Star Damon Little Recovering Well From Heart Surgery
    Quartet gospel music legend Damon Little, who is best known for hit songs such as “You Can’t Straddle The Fence”, “Do Right” or his recent hit “Make A Way”, announced two weeks ago that he would have...
  • Robotic surgery
    Robotic surgery: New study raises questions about costs and efficacy
    The debate over the efficacy and costs of robotic surgery continues with a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.According to the Feb. 19, Wall Street Journal, the findings of this large scale study “are...
  • Professional Positions at Swedish American
    Swedish American Health System (10) Positions - Rockford, IL
    Swedish American Health System is looking to hire for positions that have been open for the past 3 weeks. They have over 330 beds at the hospital and need the personnel to perform the necessary duties for them.RN - (2) Positions - Coordinates and...
  • Surgeons at work
    Surgeons show increased lack of job satisfaction
    According to the results of an online survey conducted by Medscape, overall general surgeons reported earning less in 2011 than the previous year, and almost half said that they were dissatisfied with their job. Victoria Stern has reported for...
  • Surgeons at work
    Abuse of alcohol by surgeons is high
    There have been a lot of entertaining TV shows over the years such as MASH and Greys Anatomy which have depicted a lot of surgeons as having chaotic lifestyles which are full of heavy drinking. People often want to know if there is any truth to...
  • Civility in surgery
    Research study on medical decorum titled "Barbers of Civility"
    At Medaille College in Buffalo, a meeting in the past year included a discussion of civility in the classroom. Many of the instructors were already familiar with the work of Pier Forni, PhD, a well-known expert on civility and founder of the Johns...