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  • Tostadas for supper
    Make your own crispy cheese tostadas
    We love Burritos, but sometimes we want something different. Instead of putting our meat mixture in a burrito wrap, we like to change a little. This recipe is easy to do. The only hard part may be in rolling out the tostada dough. But don’t...
  • Red Stag Supper Club Logo
    Cheap date Minneapolis: Red Stag
    The art of the cheap date night is constantly evolving. Perpetually ahead of the curve is Red Stag, a supper club in NE Minneapolis. Every Tuesday night from 5:00pm until 10:00pm you can can satisfy your sweetie on the cheap.For a paltry $32, you&...
  • Supper in Philadelphia
    Supper on South Street
    Somewhere someone is doing the right thing. And for the culinary tapestry of Philadelphia, that’s Supper’s chef/owner Mitch Prensky. First, it must be noted that he has successfully taken all the aspects of fine dining and transformed...
  • Green Flash rings in the holidays with Supper Club
    Green Flash rings in the holidays with Supper Club
    If there’s one problem with the period of time between late November and late December, it’s that there simply aren’t enough opportunities to eat copious amounts of food. Seriously, it’s been at least two weeks since any of...
  • Deal of the day
    The InfraChef makes meals fast and easy
    The InfraChef is a must for any family. This unique oven combines infrared heat, conduction, and convection into one. It cooks food from the inside out to seal in juices, and leaves it crispier on the outside. One can prepare an entire meal in...
  • Asellina
    Sunday supper with dad this Father's Day
    This Father's day, give your hard-working dad a much-deserved break at Asellina, the fine dining Italian restaurant at the Gansevoort Park Hotel in the heart of NYC. Treat Dadto all the comforts he enjoys most – hand-rolled cigars to...
  • Garlic stuffed pork loin
    Garlic stuffed pork loin.
    Rainy Saturdays are always a good inspiration for cooking. What else can you do? it's too wet to garden, the banks of my favorite lake are too muddy to fish from and the dampness has put a chill in the air. So why not cook a nice meal? I was...
  • Burns Flat CPC
    Many roads clear, but extreme cold prompts caution and some closings
    Due to extremely cold weather and a wind chillfactor making the effect of the cold equivalent to temperatures twenty to thirty degrees below zero, many evening activities in the Burns Flat area have been cancelled or rescheduled.The following...
    ‘The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise’The avocado is a fruit that was never on my plate as a child. I tasted my first one in my early teens in and around the late 70’s. I don&rsquo...
  • Knights of Columbus raise funds for their community programs
    Knights of Columbus raise funds for their community programs
    On the first Saturday of every month from September through May, the Holy Cross Knights of Columbus Council 12652 stages a hearty Bean Supper as its major fundraiser to support their many community projects.Because New Year’s Day falls on...
  • Halloween Dinner: Turkey Taco Monsters
    Halloween Dinner: Turkey Taco Monsters
    2 plum Roman tomatoes, cut length-wise into 3 pieces12 large pimiento-stuffed green olives3 sliced low fat / fat free white cheddar cheese6 whole wheat taco shells1/2 lb lean ground turkey2 tablespoons low sodium taco seasoning mix1 tablespoon...
  • Single mom's supper club
    Single mom's supper club
    Everyone needs friends. Even Jesus had his disciples who he shared time with, prayed with, and had fellowship with. I am a single Christian mom, and the one aspect of my life that had really been lacking was my friendships. Moms are busy our...
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