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  • GOP nail art
    The Republican party's past, present and future.
    “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth”, Franklin D Roosevelt said in a radio address on October 26th 1939. On the surface that is valid, however in politics, repeated lies are used every day to argue facts or recreate...
  • Constitution
    Right-wing lunacy: Repeal 19th Amendment so women cannot vote
    Coming off an election where Republicans lost minorities, the youth vote, and single women, you'd think they want to find ways of bridging the gap.Nope.In a post for the National Review Online, Michael Walsh suggested last week that...
  • Tea party woman doesn't believe women should have right to vote
    Tea party woman doesn't believe women should have right to vote
    Dinesh D'Souza is a Christian conservative who has been hostile to gays and atheists. He has also made a movie harshly critical of President Obama.D'Souza believes that Christianity is morally superior than the humanist beliefs that many...
  • Vote 2012
    Election Day 2012 and the history of the vote
    On November 6th, Election Day 2012, one of the most heated contests of ideology, ideals and policy will end. Many voters have been overwhelmed with their choices. Where are the strong leaders that can bring the country together to overcome...
  • Handshake
    Local Focus: Co-education, effects for women
    Stillwater is a college town, with the students returning I was expecting to write about the benefits of college for women. Seeking information on this I found an interesting discussion. I could speak about the many problems associated with...
  • IWD
    International Women's Day--global and local
    Women's and family health--one of our most vital issues. The world celebrates International Women's Day on Tuesday, March 8th. Events are planned for Monday, too. This year, nearly 1,500 mass rallies, business conferences, government...