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  • "The Permaculture City"
    The Permaculture City: Redefining the modern urban space
    When Toby Hemenway and his wife moved to the country to live a bucolic life in a sustainable, environmental way, what he learned was quite the opposite of being more environmentally sound.In fact, their ecological footprint turned out to be far...
  • Evanston may be a bit far afield, but it appeals to families and college students
    Chicago neighborhood profiles: Evanston
    The classification of Evanston, Illinois as a “Chicago neighborhood” may be somewhat controversial. It certainly falls into the “land” portion of “Chicagoland,” and residents of this North Shore burb have to...
  • Welcome to East Atlanta
    Welcome to gay Atlanta:East Atlanta
    Today rounds out the first official week for the column and the positive feedback received from our readers lets us know at Examiner that we are living up to the Atlanta community’s expectations.We end our series “Welcome to gay...
    Welcome to gay Atlanta:Little Five Points
    Let’s keep the festivities going by talking about the next hot gay spot in Atlanta. Think Bohemian and Renaissance periods, alternative cultures and lifestyles, underground music and free forward thinking. That is what Little Five Points in...
  • North Druid Hills
    Welcome to gay Atlanta:North Druid Hills
    Atlanta is gaining great popularity as the “go to” city for America’s gay population but something occurred to us. How are you going to enjoy what this city has to offer as a gay individual if you don’t know where other gay...
  • Black family sues
    Black family sues 'white' Chicago suburb
    Little did Maxine James and her son, Pinkney James III, know 10 years ago when they moved from Bellwood, whose residents are predominately black, to Willowbrook, whose residents are predominately white, that their middle-class lifestyle would be...
  • Marina on the Connecticut River
    Visit Hartford's friendly neighbors - Glastonbury
    There are two Glastonburys. The famous historical town in Somerset, England; the site of the world-renowned annual music fest. Its US “twin”, in Hartford County, is charmingly located on the banks of the Connecticut River. It climbs...
  • Hillstead Museum
    Visit Hartford's friendly neighbors - Farmington
    Farmington is among the most desirable, picturesque and posh towns in Connecticut. One of Hartford’s suburbs, its history and location in the Farmington Valley, the important businesses headquartered there, highly-rated educational systems...
  • resized_dog_front.JPG
    Hot Dog Richie's in Palatine: encased meats and beer
    The Chicago-style dog at Richies is just one of many hot dog optionsRelated articlesCross-town hot dog war: Superdawg versus Gene and Jude's July is National Hot Dog Month even without Takeru Kobayashi; how will you celebrate? Chicago-style hot...
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