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  • Salem Crime Alert
    Marion County Deputies need help to find suspicious man
    Two fourth grade girls were walking to Auburn Elementary on November 17th when they were approached by a suspicious male in a truck at the intersection of Greencrest St NE and Auburn Road NE, in Salem. The man asked the two if they could "...
  • Angel
    Feeding strangers
    Do you recognize this woman? Is she your neighbor? Does she go to your church? Is this your mom, or maybe your wife? If you know this woman; Go up to her next time you see her, heck don't wait until then, go find her right now. Give her a...
  • Familiar Stranger
    The Familiar Stranger
    As ludicrous as it may sound, we are strangers unto ourselves first andforemost, then, to the others (friends and family) who greet us. Thecore essence of our cosmically gyrated, galactically manifested,incalculably congealed ‘sets of...
  • Home Safety
    Home Safety
    Take steps to ensure your home is safe. Emergencies can happen and being prepared for these emergencies is the best choice you can make. For kitchen stove fires, place burning items in the kitchen sink and turn on the water. For grease fire, put...
  • Police Line
    Protecting children from danger
    Don't talk to strangers.“For decades children were taught to stay away from ‘strangers.’ But this concept is difficult for children to grasp and often the perpetrator is someone the child knows. It is more beneficial to help...
  • Man and son
    Stranger Danger
    For children, the world around us can be a very dangerous place. Every day children are kidnapped, abused, and killed. Every day a parent learns the heart wrenching information that their child has been harmed in some way. Every day we fear for...
  • Stranger offers Fort Lee schoolchildren $5 to go with him
    Stranger offers Fort Lee schoolchildren $5 to go with him
    Fort Lee school officials are warning parents about a man who approached two children Wednesday morning and offered them $5 to go with him. The two youngsters "were on the way to School One when they were spoken to by a stranger" who was...
  • Stranger American Pale Ale
    Left Hand Brewing Company Stranger American Pale Ale
    Strangers can be so intriguing to the curious mind because of the difficulty in deciding if they are a friend or foe. Left Hand Brewing Company from Longmont Colorado has pulled up in a dark car to all ale heads awaiting a playmate for some brew...
  • Why buy the cow?
    Why buy the cow?
    We've all heard the old expression, "Why buy thecow when you can get the milk for free?". We know what it was that our mothers meant by this... don't give it up too easily!Old fashioned,yes- but it still often rings true.My...
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