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  • A power blackout can cause mild sensory deprivation
    A power blackout can cause mild sensory deprivation
    Even when a power blackout occurs during the spring or fall seasons, and when there are no problems due to a lack of air conditioning or heat, sensory deprivation will be a danger. Sensory deprivation occurs when humans suffer from a lack of...
  • It pays to listen to music: auditory and sensory stimulation is neuroprotective in rat model of stroke
    Caressing facial hair or listening to music may protect the brain from stroke
    This news may sound a bit strange or awkward but new research presented at the Society for Neuroscience last Wednesday at a press conference showed that auditory stimulation with white noise or low pitch sounds or simply caressing the whiskers of...
  • Checking out the wild life
    Questions for the Cat Lord of Hampshire
    The Cat Lord lives in Hampshire and could be bothered to answer a question for us today.Gerardine: Why does my cat’s tail twitch?Cat Lord: Due to stimulation! (I had to do a little editing here; the Cat Lord has a ribald wit…...
  • Comparable soul mates
    Want Ad……seeking a comparable soul mate
    There are many requisites to finding what we may consider a comparable soul mate. Instead of writing a usual article consider this poem.Want Ad……Seeking A Comparable Soul MateComparable stimulation is what we seek. We want a...
  • Kiss
    When he's not in the mood, what can you do to get him going?
    Mood. It can create or ruin a good time. A commonly held notion is that men are always in the mood, but that simply isn't true. Fatigue, stress, and other distractions can put a man out of the mood for love just as it does women. So what can...
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