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  • lines 1
    NFL Week 1 betting lines provide a surprise
    Shortly after the full week-by-week NFL schedule was released, the Westgate SuperBook provided betting lines on Week 1 action. It didn’t take long to find a surprise among the spreads.Back on Super Bowl Sunday, this Examiner correctly...
  • Product Review: Blue Isle’s Mediterranean Yogurt Spreads
    Product Review: Blue Isle’s Mediterranean Yogurt Spreads
    Cream cheese has been the American favorite spread for bagels and used as an ingredient for sweet and savory dips and treats. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative that’s rich in calcium, contains probiotics (for digestive...
  • Nut and honey spread
    Nut and honey: Bagel cream cheese honey walnut spread
    Bagels are a wonderful morning food just by themselves. Anything added to top them just makes them taste all that much better. Instead of the usual plain butter or cream cheese it’s time to dress them up with a spread that is bursting with...
  • Center Cut- Gourmet Steaks, Chops, Marinades and sides
    Center Cuts Gourmet Butcher - Selling the finest meats with an old world charm
    Center Cuts gourmet butchers and sandwich shop is an exciting new gourmet food store in roslyn heights, long island. At one time the neighborhood butcher was a large part of the community's fabric, providing service, essential food, and...
  • Don’t Overdue that Holiday Pumpkin: Spread It Out
    Don’t Overdue that Holiday Pumpkin: Spread It Out
    Every holiday we find the sweet smell of pumpkin fills the air from cookies, pies and breads. The aromatic allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg reminds us of family gatherings and warm cozy nights by the fire but with those treats comes raw pumpkin...
  • Easy Tarragon-Herb Butter
    Easy Tarragon-Herb Butter
    This seasoned butter is a delicious way to add great herb flavor and a hint of color to your favorite breads, vegetables. Try this herbed butter the next time you’re cooking fish!What You Need: (Makes: 16 servings or 1 cup)1 cup of butter,...
  • hummus
    Tasty tahini and butterbean hummus
    Tahini, the sesame seed paste that gives hummus its silky texture, can sometimes be difficult to find in Atlanta supermarkets. A recent tour of suburban markets turned up no jars of the essential ingredient for butterbean hummus, inspired by the...
  • Hummus
    Hummus Success
    Uticans can get excited! No more PepsiCo, Nestle, or Kraft brand hummus. There's a new player in town by the name of Eva Gourmet.Eva Gourmet is a company thatbegan producing hummus in mass production. The company has recently renovated aWurz...
  • Holiday Cheeseball
    Deck the halls with these delicious dips
    The holidays are here, which means gift shopping, cookie baking and tons of tree trimming parties. And what better to serve at your next holiday party than easy-to-make and easy-to-eat dips. Don't spend tons of time or money making dish after...
  • Three Card Spread
    Tarot for beginners: the Three-card spread
    The Three-card spread is one of the most popular (and easiest) Tarot spreads. It’s a great spread to use when you are looking for general answers or trying to uncover themes in your current situation. To utilize the Three-card spread follow...
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