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  • How Alzheimer's caregivers can survive their ordeal
    How Alzheimer's caregivers can survive their ordeal
    An Alzheimer’s caregiver needs a special arsenal to deal with a loved one because madness can be contagious – both metaphorically and in some cases literally. Being a caregiver predisposes one to heightened levels of stress which...
  • Miracle of marriage
    There is a miracle in marriage
    At some point, hopefully early in a marriage, you can begin to see how true the title of this article is. The more you come to understand that the sooner a couple a will begin to treat their marriage as such…a miracle, a gift. And like wise...
  • Love in marriage
    Love in a marriage
    What should love look like in a marriage? That question seems strange even to me. I never thought love “looked” like anything. But then I realized there are times when you can just look at a couple and think man there’s no love...
  • Couple turned away from each other
    Military men who lie in committed relationships
    “Men, unlike women, lie to protect themselves. They use a lie as a ‘power’ tool to preserve their freedom, get what they want or because lying is easier for them than telling the truth.” Dory Hollander, PhD (author of ...
  • Celebrating Christmas
    Norfolk military marriages can survive Christmas celebrated away from home
    It’s official. Thanks to work schedule conflicts here in Norfolk and finances a bit tight, we won’t be celebrating Christmas with family members igloo-ed far north of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel for what seems like the zillionth...
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