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  • Caged Doves
    Caging Your Spirit
    Recently, I found myself at Agape International Spiritual Center where I saw these beautiful caged dovesawaiting their release.The doves were pecking at each other because they were too confined in the small space. I asked the owner when he was...
  • Every Other Thing - A Devotion
    Every Other Thing - A Devotion
    Psalm 27:4-6 (NLT)The one thing I ask of the LORD—the thing I seek most— is to live in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, delighting in the LORD’s perfections and meditating in his Temple. For he will conceal me there...
  • Was Satan created in the form of a serpent?
    Was Satan created in the form of a serpent?
    The Biblical record doesn’t tell a lot concerning when Satan was created, in what form he was created, or what he was created for. But, from analyzing various other scriptures we can come up with suggestions which are difficult to definitely...
  • Food for a starving spirit
    Food for a starving spirit
    You feed your body at least three times a day. Physical food is good to nourish you and give you physical strength. Without fail you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. How often do you feed your spirit? Do you designate a specific...
  • Ghost
    What does it mean to see spirits in dreams?
    Many people have reported dreaming about the deceased. Some people might see a deceased grandparent, parent, spouse or child. In other instances, an individual might dream about deceased friends or meeting deceased strangers. There are a number of...
  • Rozlyn Reynolds
    Journey of a Paranormal Investigator
    There are books and television shows that entertain and bring into focus paranormal investigations. People's personal experiences with their uncanny encounters bring into the light the spiritual realm that most of us really don't wish to...
  • Unknown
    Video: Click Here--> Orbs and Shadow Figures filmed (December 2014), By Dr. Lynne CampbellMy Life As A PychopompNote to my Readers: I normally write non-opinion, research based articles only, however, this one time I chose to write about...
  • Christmas Spirit
    The Spirit of the Holidays
    Even though there is no snow in Southern California, and the temperature can plummet all the way down to 50 degrees, there is plenty of Christmas spirit. It is not in the shopping malls and civic centers, but in every neighborhood, where the...
  • god,bible,christian,spirit,ghost
    Are Christian Based Ghost Hunters Paranormalist Going to Hell by the Bible
    What does the Bible say about Ghosts? In the King James Version of the Bible, the word ghost appears over 100 times. Of these, the word ghost is never used in the form of a disembodied spirit of someone who has passed. Ghost is only used as a...
  • Hospice patient captures angel on camera
    Dying hospice patient captures angel on camera
    A hospice patient who sensed a presence in her room captured this amazing image of an angel, reports Rather Freaky on Nov. 18. According to the report a female hospice patient who was close to passing over reported sensing a presence lurking in...
  • The Yoga of Life
    Yoga: The Secret to Life!
    You can most certainly use yoga as an exercise to enjoy better health. However, yoga can do so much more to benefit you beyond just using it as an exercise. Many westerners practice yoga simply as a way to stay fit like an aerobics class but true...
  • SpiritFest 2014
    SpiritFest 2014
    Halloween week is the time for spirits to be floating about and high levels of increased energy. But you can experience getting in tune with a very different form of spirit today in Frederick, MD with SpiritFest.Held at the Delaplaine Arts Center...
  • Helping the body mind spirit move
    Helping the body mind spirit move toward healing light
    “Stop acting so small you are the universe in ecstatic motion.” –Mevlana RumiSpirit is given a new world at every moment As human beings we are we do not practice living in the original deep peace we are born into. Most people...
  • Sunday Inspiration: African Americans, 5 Ways to Boost Your Spirit in Seattle
    Sunday Inspiration: African Americans, 5 Ways to Boost Your Spirit in Seattle
    Truth: life is tough. If you breathe air, walk on two legs and interact with other people, you face a mix of challenges. Yet, there are ways to boost your spirit, especially in Seattle.
  • Paranormal creatures: Boggarts
    Paranormal creatures: Boggarts
    Boggarts come from English folklore. They are mischievous spirits that are sometimes attached to families, but have also been spotted living in other places as well. Other names for this spirit include; bogey and bogeyman.Household boggartsWhen a...