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  • Christmas Spirit
    The Spirit of the Holidays
    Even though there is no snow in Southern California, and the temperature can plummet all the way down to 50 degrees, there is plenty of Christmas spirit. It is not in the shopping malls and civic centers, but in every neighborhood, where the...
  • Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit: T.G.I.F. Cocktail recipes: December 5th
    Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit: T.G.I.F. Cocktail recipes: December 5th
    Great Lakes Distillery's Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit (90 Proof) is the result of one company hanging out with a brewery. The brewery happened to be Lakefront Brewery and the topic of the conversation was Lakefront's Pumpkin Lager. Someone...
  • god,bible,christian,spirit,ghost
    Are Christian Based Ghost Hunters Paranormalist Going to Hell by the Bible
    What does the Bible say about Ghosts? In the King James Version of the Bible, the word ghost appears over 100 times. Of these, the word ghost is never used in the form of a disembodied spirit of someone who has passed. Ghost is only used as a...
  • Hospice patient captures angel on camera
    Dying hospice patient captures angel on camera
    A hospice patient who sensed a presence in her room captured this amazing image of an angel, reports Rather Freaky on Nov. 18. According to the report a female hospice patient who was close to passing over reported sensing a presence lurking in...
  • The Yoga of Life
    Yoga: The Secret to Life!
    You can most certainly use yoga as an exercise to enjoy better health. However, yoga can do so much more to benefit you beyond just using it as an exercise. Many westerners practice yoga simply as a way to stay fit like an aerobics class but true...
  • SpiritFest 2014
    SpiritFest 2014
    Halloween week is the time for spirits to be floating about and high levels of increased energy. But you can experience getting in tune with a very different form of spirit today in Frederick, MD with SpiritFest.Held at the Delaplaine Arts Center...
  • Helping the body mind spirit move
    Helping the body mind spirit move toward healing light
    “Stop acting so small you are the universe in ecstatic motion.” –Mevlana RumiSpirit is given a new world at every moment As human beings we are we do not practice living in the original deep peace we are born into. Most people...
  • Sunday Inspiration: African Americans, 5 Ways to Boost Your Spirit in Seattle
    Sunday Inspiration: African Americans, 5 Ways to Boost Your Spirit in Seattle
    Truth: life is tough. If you breathe air, walk on two legs and interact with other people, you face a mix of challenges. Yet, there are ways to boost your spirit, especially in Seattle.
  • Paranormal creatures: Boggarts
    Paranormal creatures: Boggarts
    Boggarts come from English folklore. They are mischievous spirits that are sometimes attached to families, but have also been spotted living in other places as well. Other names for this spirit include; bogey and bogeyman.Household boggartsWhen a...
  • Leap of Faith
    Healing with Faith
    Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. -- Saint AugustineSince my ordination from seminary in 2006 my understanding of the critical need to dialogue about Faith in the healing process has...
  • Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka:  T.G.I.F. Cocktail recipes: August 29th
    Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka: T.G.I.F. Cocktail recipes: August 29th
    Handmade with the finest ingredients that Holland has to offer, Van Gogh Vodka is crafted in small batches by second-generation Master Distiller, Tim Vos. Van Gogh Vodka has been dubbed, "The best in the flavored vodka business, period."...
  • Robin Williams - Make God Laugh
    Comedian laughs again in the afterlife
    While the world still mourns the death of actor Robin Williams on August 11, 2014, it seems that the comic legend is more than happy now that he's experiencing the afterlife. In fact, he’s laughing again!Williams died at the age of 63 in...
  • Disneyland ghosts revisited
    Disneyland Ghosts and Paranormal
    Disneyland, where dreams come true and magical experiences are made every day. Walt Disney’s dream park was realized almost 60 years ago and continues to exceed the expectations of guests year after year. Disneyland is eight pie wedged areas...
  • Captive Thoughts - A Devotion
    Captive Thoughts - A Devotion
    2 Corinthians 5:16-20 (NKJV)Therefore, from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him thus no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old...
  • Led Zeppelin sued over 'Stairway'
    Led Zeppelin being sued over 'Stairway'
    What is arguably one of the most iconic songs in rock n roll music is up against some legal controversy, and so is the legendary band that made it famous. In 1968, a band called Spirit toured with Led Zeppelin, and it was on this tour that they...