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  • Review: Snowflake Pattern Wooden Embossing Rolling Pin by BezalelArtShop
    Review: Snowflake Pattern Wooden Embossing Rolling Pin by BezalelArtShop
    Creating a special batch of cookies is a wonderful thing, but for those who are decorating-challenged, making them look their best may not be so simple. Forget the sprinkles and frosting and check out the Snowflake Pattern Wooden Embossing Rolling...
  • The annual Snowflake Gala to benefit ACCAC
    Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center hosts the 9th Annual Snowflake Gala
    On Friday, Nov. 14, the Adams County Children’s Advocacy Center will host its 9th Annual Snowflake Gala. The event will take place at the Wyndham, Gettysburg, and will incorporate a night of fun, food, music, and auctions, while helping to...
  • Snow
    Snowflakes can be exactly the same
    In an average winter, there are normally one septillion snowflakes that fall, which is the same as one trillion trillion snowflakes. For years there has always been doubt that two different snowflakes can have the exact same structure therefore...
  • Snowy days
    Snow facts, a quiz and a dictionary paper snowflake craft for kids
    Winter comes around every year, and in St. Louis, it often brings snow. You put up with it, you muddle through scraping windshields and shoveling walks, sledding with kids, and plenty of snow days. Yes, even homeschoolers have a snow day sometimes...
  • Snowflake the albino gorilla was inbred
    Snowflake the albino gorilla was inbred
    Snowflake the albino gorilla was inbred according to Spanish researchers. The white ape lived in the Barcelona Zoo for 40 years. According to United Press International on June 8, 2013, he was the only one in the world."Now, Spanish...
  • UFO
    Arizona is home to the one of the most famous UFO abduction stories of all time
    One of the most famous and controversial UFO abduction tales of all time took place right here in Arizona when in 1975 a logger from Snowflake named Travis Waltonclaims he was taken aboard a flying saucer by creatures "with huge, luminous...
  • Google Doodle Snowflake
    Montana snowflake inspires Google logo
    Guinness World Records places the largest snowflake ever documented in Fort Keogh, Montana, saying it was found and recorded as 38 centimeters in diameter 125 years ago on January 28.It is amazing that someone actually documented this as a world...
  • Snowflake
    Plotting your story
    Just having the idea for a story is rarely enough to set pen to paper. However, having a story outline and even a loose idea of where the story is going and who your characters are will ensure that you have the energy and push to keep writing....
  • el_snow.jpg
    Spring may be here, the blizzards are over, but a snowflake came down in Worcester last night
    Amy, Kat, Kyle and Kristen Richard Murphy Last night I wandered down to Worcester to 55 Pearl Street Restaurant It is in one of those old buildings that might have been a private club in a past incarnation. A classic edifice with a sedate interior...
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