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  • Critics offended by American Blonde beer slogan.
    American Blonde Ale Beer draws anger from critics
    Fox News has reported that a Texas brewery has angered women with a beer slogan that at least one protester said promotes “rape culture.”Deep Ellum Brewing is selling American Blonde Ale beer, with an image of a doll wearing a blonde...
  • Remember Their Advertising Slogan?
    Advertising Slogans: A Change for the Better?
    We try harder. Without any hints, can you name the company that has successfully used that slogan for fifty years?Chances are you could and even it you needed a hint to nudge your memory (car rental company), you’d know it’s Avis. So...
  • Uphill battle
    Why Democrats have an easier campaign than Republicans
    For Democrats, it’s easy to campaign and promise the world to Americans. They promise lower taxes, better paying jobs, improving the lives of millions of Americans, extended unemployment, green energy, let the rich pay for everything, and...
  • Gatorade
    Company logos and slogans sure sound dirtier on condom wrappers (photos)
    Corporate logos and slogans aren't designed to be dirty, nor are they designed to be funny...but if you slapped 'em on a condom wrapper, would that change things? Judging from the looks of the two Funny Photos we've got embedded down...
  • Obama won't appreciate any of the 2012 campaign slogans suggested here.
    Internet provides a variety of 2012 obama campaign slogans
    A quick Google search of "sarcastic Obama slogans" produced pages and pages of results. Most are satirical, some are biting, but a handful are downright hilarious. With apologies to David Letterman, below is a top ten list of the best....