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  • Fruit and vegetables 6
    Silicon inside out and around
    Let's talk about silicon, not exactly the kind at your plastic surgeon's or that valley in Cali. But the mineral, the one that's the second most abundant element on the planet next to oxygen. It's found in earth's crust, sand,...
  • Black Obsidian Rock
    Glass designs can be fine art
    Artists can produce fine art with glass. (Glass is a silicate compound.) Such fine art can be utensils, sculptures, containers, photographs and collages. Fine art is in Chicago's Art Institute.Western Amerindian people produced arrowheads,...
  • Silicon Beach Young Professionals (YP) define the Digital Elite in SoCal
    Silicon Beach Young Professionals (YP) are defining the Digital Elite in LA
    Silicon Beach is a 3-mile region in the Los Angeles metropolitan area rich in Internet technology-related startup companies. According to Wikipedia it's the area that stretches from Santa Monica to Venice. It is also one of the best kept...
  • Michael J. Kelly
    Nano particles will never replace silicon in microchips, noted scientist asserts
    Nanoscale structures below a certain size inherently cannot be fabricated en masse to acceptable yields and quality DALLAS (June 13, 2011) – The long goal of nanotechnology engineers to replace silicon substrate with nano materials in...
  • Dogbert
    Silicon Valley Tech Chronicles: Animals of the Silicon Zoo
    As this is the season of decorative baubles and good humor, you might enjoy a visit to the Silicon Zoo to check out the animals. No I'm not talking about the nearest Intel design center but the Silicon Zoo website created in 1995 by Michael W....
  • Makers of the Microchip:
    Silicon Valley Tech Chronicles: 50 year celebration of the planar IC
    The media and the public love a hero. It is much easier to recognize one individual’s flash of genius than incremental contributions by numerous companies and dedicated teams of scientists over many years. Most individuals championed as ...
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