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  • California drought making reuse of sewage water necessary
    California drought making reuse of sewage water necessary
    California and parts of the West are in the grips of record-shattering drought. Reservoirs have dried up; tens of thousands of acres of farm land are fallow; and a civil war has broken out between nut growers and other farmers over water rights....
  • yellow green
    City launches greasy campaign
    The city is cracking down on yellow grease and illegal biofuel pick-ups.The city’s Environmental Department (DEP) said in a statement Thursday it is joining other departments to enhance regulation of yellow grease disposal.The substance...
  • bio gas
    Will sewage and garbage power cities of the future?
    Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson recently announced increased efforts to divert more city garbage away from landfills and into bio-energy plants that create compost. These plants use anaerobic digestion to process plant and food waste into methane...
  • Back River watershed
    Nitrogen pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay
    What does nitrogen do when it enters a river, stream or the Bay? It robs the water of oxygen. This in turn allows algae-blooms. Large algae-blooms cause further damage by blocking needed sunlight that allows subaquatic vegetation (SUVs) to grow....
  • Back River
    Baltimore County Health Department warnings
    Due to recent power outages, Hurricane Irene has wreaked havoc on the local environment. Many residents have experienced downed trees and other damage to their yards and local waterways.The Baltimore County Health Department has announced...
  • Sea Foam from Irene NOT  Toxic
    Hurricane Irene: Ocean City sea foam was NOT sewage or toxic. Video
    There has been an array of false information spread across the internet pertaining to Hurricane Irene. The one that hits close to home, relates to a live report (video on the left) from Saturday night in Ocean City, MD. A WTTG reporter was on the...
  • 52,547 Becquerels per kilogram of cesium radiation found in soil on the outskirts of Tokyo
    Japan To Use 1,500 Tons Of Sewage Too Radioactive To Bury As Soil For Gardening
    After discovering over 1,500 tons of radioactive sludge with levels of radiation above temporary burial limits Japan is now considering using the radioactive sewage as soil for gardening.As previously reported highly radioactive sludge was...
  • Girls check out a kayaking event on the Missouri River.
    Kansas City residents pace out raw sewage - river woes into 2035
    Mark it on your calendar. The year will be 2035 before Kansas City is finally able to safely flush at flood stage. -ARA federal judge has approved a consent decree that requires Kansas City to pay a $600,000 penalty in the next 30 days and $1.6...
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