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  • The five fragrances of Mugler Les Exceptions
    The five fragrances of Mugler Les Exceptions
    An exclusive, luxury fragrance collection that captures Thierry Mugler’s visionary, sensual, and innovative gourmand approach to traditional fine perfumery. Blends of original alchemies and inventive, unique ingredients come alive in five...
  • Bargain Bride and Billionaire Groom
    Book review of Bargain Bride and Billionaire Groom by author Lelani Black
    Bargain Bride and Billionaire Groom delivered a two hour break from reality as page after page the story came alive that will leave the reader delighting in the feel-good feelings, lifted spirits, and with abounding hope that only a well thought...
  • Top 10 Kisses
    Top 10 ways to kiss
    Lilith e-zine says anthropologists know little about the early history of kissing. The Vedic Sanskrit texts which date back to 1500 B.C. describe people kissing. This is the earliest known written material on kissing. Kissing can be incredibly...
  • skincare with
    Health and Beauty with Vanilla
    Vanilla is a fruit that is found in tropical regions such as Madagascar, Reunion Island, and Mexico. The vanilla, like the orchid grows in the shades of trees. .Vanilla is a natural anti- aging qualities.The black vanilla scent is very popular...
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss?
    A Kiss is Just a Kiss?
    A Kiss is Just a Kiss?A kiss is so much more than a kiss. I remember when I was on a carriage ride around the Circle in Indianapolis. The moon was full it was about 75F outside we were on the canal when I received one of the most memorable kisses...
  • Touch
    SensualityTouch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight: these are the five senses we possess. Each sense used in an intimate encounter is Sensuality. Sensuality is about taking your time, exploring your lover. Using each sense to please, and to be...
  • Immersing in sensuality
    Celebrate sexy spring!
    “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” wrote Alfred Lord Tennyson.Singles emerge from hibernation eager to connect in the spring. Couples cuddle and canoodle with bareskin and sweaty bods...
  • resized_ohmidbod_freestyle.jpg
    OhMiBod Freestyle gives music lovers and pleasure seekers something new to love
    Every year, around the holidays, I include at least one product as a gift suggestion that is not quite GP rated . A popular item for a gift that just keeps on giving, is a personal pleasure device (aka. "a vibrator"). I used to think...
  • eBook_pics_and_toes_002(1).jpg
    Fetish Friday: Sexualizing feet
    My toes after a great pedicure. by M. GwynnPodophilia, otherwise known as foot fetish is far more common than you'd think. There are many different reasons why some people have a sexual attraction to/response from feet.In centuries past, women...
  • ice_cream.jpg
    What your fave flavor of ice cream reveals about your sexual desires
    Strawberry ice-creamlovers are wildly romantic- Flickr/by harukajuA simple comment yesterday led to a great discussion about sex. I said "if sex was ice-cream, the flavor would be...". The answers that flew at me were fast and fanciful....
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