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  • Sociopath
    Character Assassination
    At first you might wonder what you did to deserve such treatment….Persecution becomes inevitable, inescapable. And once you get into the victim mindset, you're fucked. The bullies don't even need to hurt you now; your poor, warped,...
  • Raymond Maxwell claims he is Hillary Clinton's 'scapegoat'
    Raymond Maxwell claims he is Hillary Clinton's 'scapegoat' on Benghazi
    Raymond Maxwell was removed from his position as deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs the day after the State Department's Administrative Review Board (ARB) released its Benghazi report last December. According to a May...
  • Hellboy
    Satan is a scapegoat
    In the nineteenth century, a former French-Catholic cleric named Eliphas Lévi wrote books portraying Satan as a positive spiritual force. These books appealed to young bohemians celebrating “decadence” out of opposition to that era...
  • Congress slams S&P for their own failure to deal with debt crisis
    Congress slams S&P for their own failure to deal with debt crisis
    Congressional leaders, as well as members of the Obama Administration, have lashed out and slammed S&P for the recent downgrade of the United States credit rating. Since the downgrade on August 5th by S&P, Treasury Secretary Timothy...
  • Good Samaritan
    Popular modern-day sayings derived from the Bible - Part II
    Have you ever been helped by a Good Samaritan, or perhaps been one yourself? Well, you are in good company. This commonly used phrase appears in the tenth chapter of the Gospel of Luke. It is amazing that the most important historical document...
  • imbalanced scales of justice
    The Reasons Why Honest Hardworking Employees Get Fired
    Many people who have been fired and now collect unemployment benefits or welfare are victims of scapegoating, sexual harassment, a non work related injury, or they were whistleblowers. Our legal system specifically addresses those matters, however...
  • The final scapegoat
    The final scapegoat
    It’s hard to believe that former Governor Sarah Palin is again being used as a scapegoat. Blaming her for McCain’s loss in the 2008 Presidential election was odd since she was initially chosen by McCain to run for the Vice-Presidency....
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