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  • License Plate
    License plate scanning by police reeks of Revelation warnings
    Now, even the private sector is cashing in on the thirst for your personal and private information by police departments around the country. The technology in question is that which is able to collect information from your vehicle license plate by...
  • Dead Sea Scroll Project
    The Dead Sea Scrolls enter the Digital Age
    The Dead Sea Scrolls are being digitized, into what some are (snarkily) calling the "Dead E-Scrolls." The project is a partnership between Google and Israeli antiquities authorities at the Israel Museum, and launched Monday.Follow me on...
  • TSA Chief says searching passengers' underwear is a bridge too far
    'Worse than going to the gynecologist,' says woman patted down at Newark Airport
    If you are planning to fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport on your way to your Thanksgiving destination, a piece of advice: Don't.A female employee of ABC News did on Sunday, and she was subjected to a search that she calls "...
  • TSA & Mark Steyn: Give me liberty or give me a grope
    Mark Steyn's 'Liberty' or a 'Grope' is best TSA protest slogan yet Video
    Just in time for the holidays, pat downs and scans are set to do their best to make Thanksgiving fliers call the TSA agents "the biggest turkeys of the holiday'. Yet, it takes the brilliant wit of Mark Steyn to hand protestors their best...
  • Going paperless
    Going paperless
    Is your office thinking about going paperless? If you are thinking of going paperless, here are some tips and ideas on what you will need to think about. First, you will need to decide if you will take on this project by yourself or outsource the...
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