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  • USS Mahan: 2 killed in shooting at Norfolk Naval Station
    USS Mahan: 2 killed in shooting at Norfolk Naval Station
    Two people were killed onboard the USS Mahan while docked just before midnight on Monday. The shooting occurred at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Mar. 25, a civilian who was authorized to be at the...
  • Unnamed sailor
    Exclusive: Unnamed sailor photo not 'faked' or with SEA
    Two days ago, on Saturday, I was contacted by a fan of The Angel Clark Show. That fan sent me an image that has since been seen by millions of people. The image was a picture of that person, wearing their Navy dress blues. Their face was covered...
  • Bella in Bianco Party at Georgica Restaurant Featuring Christie Brinkley, Sailor and Jill Zarin
    Interviews at the Bella in Bianco party featuring Christie Brinkley and Sailor
    The Bella in Bianco party was held on Saturday night at Georgica Restaurant to celebrate magazine cover models Christie Brinkley and her daughter Sailor. Jill Zarin was also featured in the summer edition of Bella NYC and arrived at the event with...
  • Monique Berkley
    Monique Berkley-Andrew Canty murder case
    Paul Berkley was shot dead in Millbrook Park in North Carolina in 2005. His wife, Monique Berkley, and her lover, Andrew Canty, were charged and convicted of his murder. As of 2013, they are both currently incarcerated in a North Carolina...
  • Culinary Specialist, U.S Navy
    DOD announces the death of a sailor
    The Department of Defense announced today the death of a sailor who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Milton W. Brown, 28, of Dallas, Texas, died Aug. 4, from a non-combat related incident in Rota, Spain.He...
  • Commander Bill King
    Award-winning Commander Bill King, yachtsman and author, has died at 102
    On Friday, September 21, 2012, according to Wikipedia, Commander William "Bill" King, DSOand Bar, DSC (see decorations below) died. He was 102.Commander King was a British naval officer, yachtsman and author, and he was the oldest...
  • DIY Knot-ical Ideas
    DIY Knot-ical Ideas
    Nautical looks are so popular and you can quickly incorporate a few into your wardrobe or go all out with a fun head to toe look. From shoes to accessories and everything in between...I'll take a clue from my son in law (he's in the Navy)...
  • USS Requin
    Pittsburgh Area Attractions : USS Requin
    Anchored at a make-shift pier outside the Carnegie Science Center is a World War II era submarine. It’s named the USS Requin and provides visitors with a view into the history of what it was like to live and work aboard a Submarine during...
  • Sailors on their own for the first time.
    A note to Naval leaders: Are your sailors ready to be on their own?
    At first glance, the question presented in the title is both insulting and ludicrous. Most leaders would scoff at the very suggestion that their superstar mechanic or exemplary electrician is anything less than the pinnacle of personal...
  • Sailor inspired!
    I'm the captain: Nautical-themed fashion
    After browsing the rack's at Forever21 and several other trendy stores at the Twelve Oaks mall in Novi, MI.I realized that there's a common theme of clothing making its big break this summer. Nautical themed clothing is extremely popular...
  • Supporting our military troops
    Sending care packages to our troops Part IV
    Once one decides to send one or more care packages to our troops who are deployed, one must then decide what to include in the care package. This may sound rather simple, but surprisingly I found it to get a bit complicated before learning some...
  • Soldiers Mail Call
    Supporting our troops
    September 11, 2001 will live in infamy for the United States of America. It was scary. It was shocking. It has had a long lasting impact on almost every facet of life within the USA today! And yes, it resulted in the United States declaring war ...
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