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  • Waterfall Rafting
    New Zealand - Winter adventures await
    Thinking of doing that big trip to New Zealand next year, but you, or your kids can only do it in the summertime? You do know that, in New Zealand, summer in North America is winter in Kiwi country, right? And while you may have read about the...
  • Bouncing in a Ball in New Zealand
    Bouncing in a Ball in New Zealand
    It’s the sort of activity that is over way too fast and leaves you laughing the entire time - bouncing and rolling while traversing down a hill inside a big inflatable ball.Yes. You read that right.Sound crazy?Crazy fun.It’s one of...
  • Ziplining through Natural New Zealand
    Ziplining through Natural New Zealand
    When you’re flying through the canopy of the forest near Rotorua, New Zealand on your zipline, you’re seeing New Zealand in a truly unique way.Rotorua Canopy Tours is a zipline adventure that is designed not just for the fun of sailing...
  • New Zealand earthquake
    Strong earthquake recorded in New Zealand
    An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.3 was recorded in New Zealand at 10:19 a.m. PST, the US Geological Survey reported in an emailed alert.The epicenter is believed to be 38.334S 176.044E; or 20 miles southwest of Rotorua, 94 miles...
  • Rotorua view from a gondola
    Top attractions in Rotorua, hot springs and more
    Rotorua is where New Zealand tourism began, in the early 1800s, when Europeans flocked to the area to see the 'pink and white terraces' which were natural thermal bathing pools from the geysers. The terraces have since vanished, during the...
  • New Zealand: The North Island
    New Zealand: The North Island
    This is the second of my multi-part series on New Zealand. On this leg of our incredible journey we travel 546 miles, for 10 hours 35 minutes through the wonders of the North Island. We leave Auckland for Rotorua then head to New Plymouth and end...
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