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  • Canadian Opera Company and 'The Barber of Seville'
    Canadian Opera Company's 'Barber of Seville' charming fun
    It's impossible not to smile and bob your head along to the overture, "The Barber of Seville" is that recognizable a piece of music. But as the Canadian Opera Company shows, there's a lot more to the opera than just an...
  • Wrong job article pic 2
    Understanding your unhappiness in your new job and fixing it: Part three
    In part two, we reviewed the importance of asking yourself questions to drive your own understanding of why you could be unhappy in your new job in an effort to try making some changes before choosing to move on. Now, for those folks that have...
  • The Philanderer
    Shaw Festival gets it right with 'The Philanderer'
    So far, the 2014 season at the Shaw Festival has seen plays that crackled in some spots but felt wet in others, plays that were head-scratchingly confusing for their overall aesthetic, and plays that came achingly close to the ideals set out by...
  • Stratford Festival's production of 'Hay Fever'
    Stratford Festival's 'Hay Fever' appears too forced
    Choosing to do aNoël Coward play is a bit like the Klondike Gold Rush: plenty of opportunities to strike it rich, but missed by so many. And it's in this way the Stratford Festival's production of "Hay Fever", which premiered at...
  • Kathy Wakile
    ‘RHONJ’ star Kathy Wakile is changing her role in her marriage
    “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Kathy Wakile has been a stay-at-home mother for the majority of her marriage, but the fame of the show has allowed her to try out different things, including her dessert ventures. And now that...
  • Gretchen Rossi
    ‘RHOOC’ star Gretchen Rossi is heartbroken over lie about role
    “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi may have been a good friend to Tamra Barney during her bachelorette party, but it sounds like Barney is questioning her friend now, since she didn’t seem too thrilled...
  • RPG Fighter Chick
    What Makes A Great RPG?
    We all love a great game, but we each have different views on what makes a game great for us. For some it is massive fighting with little to no "fluff" in between, but for those of us out there that love a good and in-depth RPG, what...
  • Zombies can play too!
    Do you LARP? I do!
    There are very few phrases which can throw the gaming world into a tizzy. One such phrase is, “Hey everyone, want to come LARP with me and my friends?” At the mere mention of this phrase, your friends will separate into three groups....
  • Is your Mate your best Friend
    Is your best Friend your Mate?
    You’ve seen it, couples who seem to be really close and consider each other the other’s best friend. They do everything together and seem to be really happy. They can finish each other’s sentences and know all of the other&rsquo...
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