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  • "48 Hours" 01312015
    CBS '48 Hours' Only in Los Angeles 'The Millionaire, the Model & the Hitman'
    “48 Hours” (CBS) can be seen each Saturday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on Jan. 31, 2015 was called, “The Millionaire, the Model & the Hitman.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 5.61 million TV...
  • Robert's - Orman election offer a real choice
    Robert's - Orman election offer a real choice
    Midterm elections are tomorrow. Your vote is extremely important if you think the political stalemates in this country and in Kansas need to be broken or not. Party politics are about power and the ability to govern for advantage and benefiting a...
  • Crime scene in Sonora, Ca.
    Homicide in the Foothills
    Today, Feb. 16, 2014 a well liked Sonora resident and businessman was shot near his place of business. Rick Roberts was an auto body mechanic. Roberts was also a demolition derby car driver with fans and opponents, but few in the community would...
  • Tampa Police memorial illuminated with candlelight vigil to honor slain officer
    Tampa Police Memorial illuminated with candlelight vigil to honor slain officer
    Yesterday marked four years since the Tampa Police Department lost one of its own in a tragically-violent incident. TPD Police Corporal Mike Roberts was slain on August 19, 2009 during a "suspicious person" investigation.Corporal Roberts...
  • Senator John McCain
    Onward RINO pantywaist!
    "Always stay in your own movie" -- Ken KeseyKen Kesey, the author of books likeOne Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Sometimes a Great Notion had a fairly rich understanding of certain social dynamics. His advice to "always stay...
  • Homeland Security is now in charge of rationing Healthcare
    Apology to future generations of Americans for Obamacare (2 of 2)
    This is part 2 of a 2 part series. It may be helpful for the reader to read part 1 before reading part 2.You can read part 1 here: AN APOLOGY TO FUTURE GENERATIONS OF AMERICANSFOR OBAMACARE IS NECESSARYWith the negating...
  • Religious Freedom
    Was Chief Justice John Roberts coerced into saving Obamacare?
    Theoden: "I will not risk open war."Aragorn: "Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not."-- The Lord of The Rings.Prior to the past week, Chief Justice John Roberts was considered to be a reliably conservative...
  • Bellator 54 Alvarez vs Chandler poster
    Eddie Alvarez injured; Bellator 54 title fight postponed
    Bellator 54 on October 15th, in Atlantic City had 2 Philadelphia fighters scheduled on their card. Them Philadelphia fighters are now cut in half. It is being reported that Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez is injured and his scheduled...
  • "Taming of the Shrew" on the Festival Stage
    "Taming of the Shrew" Isn't very shrewd
    San Diego, California--- The second of the two Shakespeare plays being mounted on the Lowell Davies Festival Stage is his comedy/farce “Taming of The Shrew” directed by Ron Daniels. Every now and then companies like to dust off this...
  • Gubernatorial candidate Rod Roberts and his wife Trish.
    Iowa Republicans need a fresh face—Rod Roberts fits the bill
    On April 24th of this year I traveled to Sioux Rapids, IA, to participate in the 5th district GOP convention. My goal was to get a closer look at the three Republican candidates running for Governor, and I knew all three would eventually be at the...
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