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  • Montana
    Montana Dem Senate candidate Amanda Curtis called a 'revolutionary socialist'
    On Monday, we reported that Montana Democrats picked a candidate who describes herself as an "anarchist at heart." But, the Washington Free Beacon said Thursday, Amanda Curtis, the 34-year-old math teacher and state representative picked...
  • Discussion Series continues at South Carolina State Museum
    Discussion Series continues at South Carolina State Museum
    TheSouth Carolina State Museumwill be holding a series of discussions and talks in conjunction with its new exhibit on theAmerican Revolutionary War in South Carolina.Saturday, June 21• “Real People, Making Real Decisions, in Real Time...
  • LaWS - The Laser Weapon System
    Real Navy laser weapon deploying on ship
    A real laser weapon will be deployed on a Navy ship this summer in the Persian Gulf. Newsy provided The Examiner with a video report on April 8, 2014. The presenter is Candice Aviles. It is, however, still a prototype with the current acronym of ...
  • Thomas J. Watson Jr. and Tim Cook
    Apple's Tim Cook follows IBM's Watson Jr. in pursuing transformational change
    In the context of the global crisis, happiness requires transformational change. How does transformational change begin?From 1952 to 1971, the CEO of IBM pursued a remarkable change in the purpose of their corporation. At the time, Thomas J....
  • Fireworks
    Independence from British slavery
    Prior to the establishment of the United States there were thirteen colonies. These thirteen colonies were beholden to the Monarchs of England; also known as Britain. The colonies were established in the name of the King and the British Empire....
  • 2013 Belmont Stakes: Early odds, entries; Orb, Oxbow battle for best 2 out of 3
    2013 Belmont Stakes: Early odds, entries; Orb, Oxbow battle for best 2 out of 3
    The 2013 Belmont Stakes race takes place this Saturday, June 8 at 6:30 p.m. EST, and although Kentucky Derby winner Orb won’t be racing for a Triple Crown, the excitement and anticipation for racing fans will still be at a fever pitch...
  • Yusef Bunchy Shakur
    Indie Book Review: The Window 2 My Soul
    “The Window 2 My Soul” is a raw unvarnished autobiography of Yusef Shakur. It’s an epic journey of hope, triumph, redemption, and transformation. It is a look at life on the streets of Detroit and how the cycle of fatherless...
  • Nina Simone
    Friday's Featured Artist: Nina Simone
    Provoking… Defiant… Liberating... Authentic... Nina Simone. She is an artist whose multi-faceted musical expressions pose legitimate challenges for those who attempt to categorize her style. As a result, she is best left...
  • Revolutionary skincare: Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems
    Revolutionary skin care: Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems
    We all have two hands. They serve many purposes. Once upon a time they were co-opted to wash our faces. Then the Clarisonic was introduced to the market. The Clarisonic brings the technology of sonic waves to revolutionize skin care.Created by the...
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