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  • Signage
    Respondent Orange County Animal Care’s Demurrer Overruled Trial Date Set
    A demurrer is a pleading in a lawsuit that objects to or challenges a pleading filed by an opposing party. The word demur means "to object"; a demurrer is the document that makes the objection. Lawyers informally define a demurrer as a...
  • The Golden Retriever
    The Golden Retriever - history and intelligence
    We each love our pets for many reasons and we each believe that ours is the best. Unequivocally each of us has the best pet in our life, the AKC will tell us this year’s best dog is (what’s his name), the Canadian Kennel Club will do...
  • Jean Burke
    A tribute to Jean Burke
    If you have been involved in animal rescue in Los Angeles over the past decades, you must have encountered one of the most selfless rescuers, Jean Burke. She was well respected by the rescue community, and an inspiration to those who crossed her...
  • Codependent
    Rescuers and fixers
    They are called caregivers, fixers, rescuers, people pleasers, and codependents. Whatever label you choose to use the behaviors and relationship patterns are the same. These are people who have learned to "live their lives through others"...
  • resized_superman_lois_lane.jpg
    Workplace Relationships: Enter the Rescuer!!
    Superman Saving Lois LaneimageonlineThere is a scene from an old superman movie where superman catches Lois Lane falling from a skyscraper. He grabs her and tells her to hold on saying something like "it's okay Lois, hold on, I have you!"...
  • resized_overflowing_cup.jpg
    Health care costs at work and 'practicing safe stress'
    Cup Overflowinggoogle imagesNew Gallup poll found the heath care law has not lessened concerns about health care costs. Business owners worry, employees worry, parents worry, health practitioners worry.We all need to take the heath care challenge...
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