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  • Why the extra rep matters
    Why the extra rep matters
    Many people underestimate the importance of "the extra rep". This was always a big concern of mine because if you really want to get fast results, getting the extra rep is really the only thing that can trigger it. What is the extra rep? It's not...
  • Cowboy Take Me Away
    Bachelorette Recap: This season may be a "Des"-aster
    So, reality addicts, did you tune in for the Pacers vs. Heat game? Or, wasitthe game of all games, the battle for Des' heart on the court of love called The Bachelorette? C’mon, love always wins! Or, at the very least it does the Harlem...
  • Congressman Tim Ryan
    Rep. Tim Ryan cleared of public intoxication charge; case dismissed
    Ever since congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) was arrested for public intoxication this summer, he has maintained his innocence. On Tuesday a court in Rockbridge County, Virginia decided in his favor and the charges against him were dismissed.Per Ryan...
  • Or
    Fabulous feminist fable rocks the Rep's stage
    Liz Duffy Adams' Or, a fabulous feminist swashbuckler, closes out the season at Seattle Rep's smaller Leo K stage.It's a perfect fit for the space, a three actor show that cheerfully breaks the fourth wall and invites the audience to...
  • Michele Bachmann announced bid
    Rep. Michele Bachmann announces bid for presidency
    Rep. Michele Bachmann announces bid for presidencySan Francisco residents are learning in top news tonight that Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has now formally announced that she is officially running for president.It was during a...
  • The genius trio behind An Iliad: Lisa Peterson, Hans Altwies, and Denis O'Hare.
    An Iliad ends Seattle Rep season on the highest note
    Once, long ago, storytellers held their audiences captive with long recitations from memory. Stories could stretch into days or even weeks. At the end, the listeners would stumble out into the daylight, rubbing their eyes, blinking with a new...
  • Renata Friedman in The K of D, an urban legend coming to the Seattle Rep next season.
    Next season at Seattle's theaters: new shows, old favorites, and more
    Expecting a tax refund? Today on Marketplace Money, one commentator mentioned that he liked to spend his refund on season tickets, essentially doing his bit to keep the arts thriving in his community. Season tickets are now on sale at most of...
  • James A. Williams as Troy Maxson
    Seattle Rep mounts another thoughtful revival of August Wilson's work
    On opening night of Fences, one playgoer opined that August Wilson may be America’s Shakespeare. Indeed, something grand and glorious can be found in Wilson’s stories, which can turn in a moment from raucous comedy to deadly tragedy....
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