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  • Kramer, running on empty
    Running on empty: U.S. China reach new emissions deal
    The headline today is that the U.S. and China have agreed to reduce emissions by 28% by 2025 as reported by the BBC. That’s great for a couple of reasons beginning with the U.S. and China working together. Second, fossil fuels are finally on...
  • Globo Verde
    Which country is making the most progress towards green energy?
    Year after year the human population grows, while planet Earth has to bear the consequences. Big oil companies drilling deep into the planet, companies blasting A/C on a Saturday with no one in the office, and freeways full of gasoline guzzling...
  • Dominion Geothermal
    Entrepreneurial journey to solving energy storage problems
    The world has sufficient energy supply to support a manageable number of people on our planet of scarce resources. For as long as the sun shines, there is hope for humanity with several important caveats:1. Humanity must keep the population in...
  • 23rd ESA 2013
    Energy storage proven track record
    Industry is in the process of developing markets for energy storage as a stand out sector. Energy storage (ES) doesn't only impact the cost and performance of electric transportation, but also has become an indispensable element in the...
  • Unearthing energy storage techs
    Unearthing energy storage solutions
    Our need to balance the power grid system is apparent. Alternatives to conventional energy generation models are dependent on energy storage solutions. Now that solar and wind energy are being integrated into the grid, electric vehicle adoption is...
  • Solar vs. gasoline prices, 1953 - 2011
    'Inclusive' energy annual from Bloomberg and business council
    Sustainable Energy in America 2013 FactbookBloomberg Finance L.P. and The Business Council for Sustainable Energy have released a factbook summarizing the role played by sustainable energy technologies in the American energy picture as of the end...
  • Wind power
    Renewable energy: Blowing in the wind
    May the force be with us. Al Gore is having a windathon to hype wind power as one element of the energy independence equation. Of course, the only true answer is solar power because it is forever and without negative consequences. You might say...
  • Eagles green
    The Philadelphia Eagles are going
    The Philadelphia Eagles are already green. Now they’re going greener.On March 1st 2012, The Philadelphia Eagles and Princeton energy company NRG announced a new sustainable energy partnership to make the Eagles’ vision of clean power...
  • New Leaf Energy
    Direct Energy launches New Leaf Energy in Texas, 100% renewable
    Direct Energy has launched New Leaf Energy, a new Texas brand that offers 100 percent renewable, air-pollution-free energy, 100 percent from Texas wind turbines. New Leaf Energy brings expanded product choice in Texas’ green energy market...
  • Wind power
    Romney blows by renewable energy
    Making a point that hedoesn'tget it, Romney is willing to let energy tax credits for wind power elapse. It is a smack to farmers in the heartland who benefit and it is a smack to renewable energy strategy so needed by the nation.Republicans...
  • branching
    Sustainability 90: designing the sustainable forest
    With our planet's global population logging somewhere between 3 and 6 billion trees each year — to be turned into lumber, paper, cardboard, charcoal, fuel and a wide variety of other products — it is wise to determine how we can...
  • Manufacturers Gearing Up for Noble Gas Engine Roll-out by Inteligentry
    Manufacturers Gearing Up for Noble Gas Engine Roll-out by Inteligentry
    In a 1.5-hour interview, John Rohner describes the latest progress in their technology and in their business plans to bring the technology to market, perhaps by September. Within three years, the 2 cylinder engine that produces 400 HP (300 kW)...
  • Electric car
    Pioneering vehicle-to-grid technology
    “As more electric vehicles hit the road and charging stations—such as those provided by NRG’s eVgoSM network in Texas—continue to proliferate, EV-to-grid technology is the next logical step in the electrification of our...
  • Self powered gym equipment
    Powered by watt?
    Off The Grid Fitness, Arizona’s first “green gym," where they are committed to the health of both clients and the environment. At Off The Grid Fitness, being "green" means producing energy as well as conserving it. Their...
  • Chain Drive Gravity Machine
    Free Energy Chain Drive Gravity Machine Open Source Project Launched
    A businessman and inventor, who desires anonymity for the moment, has revealed the design of a chain driven gravity machine that allegedly requires no input power. He claims it has been proven to work, providing 1.5 kW from 300 kg of