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  • Kerry Washington Stars as Olivia Pope on Scandal
    Sexual Combustion
    I’ve been catching up on the shows on my DVR. This has led to me watching hours of Scandal all at once. I’ve been struck by three thoughts. One, she has a great wardrobe. Two, she must be a beast in bed to have two men completely...
  • Marcus Salette, Journalist/Reporter for SIBN Atlanta News
    COMMUNICATION SKILLS Could Be Killing Your Relationships or Chance At One
    If we're are looking to be in a committed relationship and perhaps get married, it's not as hard as we have heard UNLESS we are avoiding a reality check and plow ahead into catch twenty two situations and thus find ourselves gifted with a...
  • Shinto Shrines of Japan
    The controversy surrounding the Yasukuni Shrine
    According to the South China Morning Post on Tuesday, Justin Bieber thought he was just visiting another Tokyo tourist attraction when he visited the Yasukuni Shrine last week. Numerous pictures of Bieber posing prayerfully before the shrine were...
  • smartphone
    Dumbfounded by smartphones
    Unlike the common cold, the cure for awkward silence has been discovered. It's the back door to any unavoidable small gathering. It's an instant beaming device that will teleport you from a lame convo into something more suitable to your...
  • chinaprotest.jpg
    Sino-Japanese relations decline; Chinese Premier warns Japan of consequences
    For the past few weeks relations between Asia’s two superpowers, China and Japan have severely declined. Initially the conflict began on September 7th when the Chinese Minjinyu 5179 fishing trawler got into an accident with a Japanese Coast...
  • Sophi loves grounding and tree meditations.
    Grounding meditation exercises for you and your pet
    With the density of Seattle’s neighborhoods and constant drone of noise and traffic, it is important to ground and help our animals to do the same. Grounding is a sort of meditation practice in which we get very calm and focused on our...
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