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  • Senate lawmakers sit on 390 bills
    Harry Reid and his Democrat Senate tie up 390 bills instead of doing their job
    Apparently, Barack Obama's excuse for his ongoing power grab is that “Congress refuses to act.” Anyone with a basic understanding of how the United States government works instantly recognized that statement for what it was–a...
  • Is this the end of the Washington Redskins?
    With setback today, Redskins name change is inevitable
    Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said last year that he would change the name of his team “over his dead body.” It might be time to rethink that.In a 2-1 ruling issued today by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, an...
  • DingyReidPhoto
    Do Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster agree with Reid that Americans are liars?
    Today on the Senate floor Majority leader Harry Reid actually had the nerve to say that Americans coming out with horror stories about Obamacare are all liars. Apparently the 5 million people who lost their health plans they liked are liars....
  • Obama extending unemployment-again
    Change was for the worse-we need to reverse
    President Obama did not bring the change he spoke about. What he did bring was division, strife and polarity. He didn’t do it alone, oh no. Harry Reid has done an about face since he became a “career politician”. Reid pushed for...
  • Suggested names for Washington DC football team!
    Suggested names for Washington DC football team!
    Since there is demand to change the name of the Washington Red Skins, here are some suggestions! These names better encompass the character and history of the city! It is for a better understanding of Washington DC and its role in America now!
  • Favorability
    Favorability rating by Rasmussen: Yucky leadership
    A story today in the Washington Post describes the rift between McConnell and Reid, the two senior Senators on point to strike a deal. Do you wonder which are most disliked?From a Rasmussen poll it appears that it is a wash as both are terrible....
  • Government shutdown
    Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns; Palpatine Vows to Make Republicans Pay
    History has it that Roman Emperor Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned. While some historians believe Nero was popular with the “common people,” many also cite his reign as one of tyranny and extravagance. Hmmmm, sound familiar to...
  • Barack Obama
    OpEd: Obama and Reid....didn't obstructionism used to be a crime?
    If President Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were walking through the streets of 1700s and 1800s America, spewing the same garbage that they are spewing to Americans today, they would more than likely be tossed in jail. Back in those...
  • Reid and McConnell
    Compare the relationships: Reid, McConnell, to citizens, right-wing
    A story this afternoon in the Washington Post describes the situation in the Senate where leader, Harry Reid is contemplating allowing a vote to change the rules such that Senators cannot filibuster Presidential nominees.Since the beginning of the...
  • Native actor/elder Saginaw Grant
    'The Lone Ranger' gives native elder Saginaw Grant a powerful role
    According to the official website of “Rotten Tomatoes” which tracks critic reviews & public perception of Hollywood films. “The Lone Ranger” (Disney) received a “4-out-of-10” rating from 146 critics. The...
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb
    Fascinating: Senate votes to censor itself, but not too much
    Am I reading this correctly? The Senate set out to stifle too much filibustering that inhibits the chamber from getting work done. Then, it pulled back and just managed to streamline some other snarling procedures instead. Minorities have rights...
  • amnesty by policy
    Obama II: Let the Immigration Games Begin
    Relax. There won’t be an amnesty of illegal aliens this year. Proving it, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared on January 19th, “There will be nothing done in my Senate ... without a pathway to citizenship.” Since most...
  • These are the times that try mens souls
    Leadership: Omni-directional crisis
    I am out of sync again as I wrote about “leadership” a couple of times last week. Now, the Washington Post is catching up on the subject. Their story by Steven Pearlstein is titled: “It’s a leadership crisis, stupid&rdquo...
  • Dogs playing poker
    'Fiscal cliff negotiation isn't poker'
    In the poker metaphor, all of the chips are on the table and the cards have been dealt. It is a draw and no one has won. Everyone are losers. It is time to stop playing games and to attend to business.The President’s approach is to nudge...
  • Get it done, Boehner
    Situation: Reid and Boehner fuss over schedule; voters say ‘get it done’
    Remember that Obamacare passed because Speaker Pelosi rushed the legislation and stampeded Republican resistance. In the long run, that was the correct thing to do. It exposed that Republicans led by Mitch McConnell were hell bent to oppose and...