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  • Immigrant or refugee
    The immigrant children of Central America
    Since October 2013 more than 57,000 children from the “Northern Triangle” region of Central America have survived an arduous and risky trek to the United States. The countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras make up the northern...
  • Rebels displace Congo citizens (Video)
    Rebels displace Congo citizens (Video)
    According to Reuters News, thousands of citizens have been displaced from their homes and huddle in refugee camps due to the unrest of their country. Surrounded by mud mothers cook potatoes, milo, and other foods provided by aid workers over open...
  • Woman faces deportation to Iran and possible stoning
    Woman faces deportation to Iran and possible stoning
    A Toronto-based refugee from Iran is facing deportation after the Canada Border Service Agency denied her claim to asylum a year ago. Three days short of her scheduled opportunity to present new evidence to support her claim, Fatemeh Derakhshandeh...
  • Negar Azizmoradi
    Making a new life in America
    On December 6th, 2011, getting off the plane at Las Vegas’ McCarran airport, Negar Azizmoradi’s life began again - this time with promise of a bright future. Let’s go back a few years, to Teheran, Iran. Negar’s relatives...
  • Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson
    Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson
    This book is about Nora James, the real name of a refugee woman going by the alias Danielle. Over a year ago she had fled after seeing her father shot. Thinking that she would be shot next or even stalked, she skipped town and changed everything...