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  • Congressman Palazzo hosts a Teletown Hall meeting
    Congressman Palazzo hosts a teletown hall meeting
    Last Tuesday, night thousands of South Mississippians joined Congressman Steven Palazzo, on a live call agenda known as the Teletown Hall, similar to a conference call, to discuss the nation’s leading issues.Palazzo answered questions from...
  • Center study warns President Obama’s NSA reforms jeopardize national security
    Center study warns President Obama’s NSA reforms jeopardize national security
    The Center for Security Policy (CSP) released a new report on Monday to the Paulding County Republican Examiner and other media outlets through email communications, analyzing reforms announced by President Obama in the wake of former National...
  • Factchecking KSTP's Cravaack-Nolan debate
    Factchecking KSTP's Cravaack-Nolan debate
    Sunday morning, Tom Hauser hosted a debate between Congressman Chip Cravaack and his DFL opponent Rick Nolan.Some of the things Rick Nolan said during the debate are especially worthy of factchecking.Nolan repeatedly said that "If Medicare...
  • Francois Hollande
    France's Socialist government unveils plan to cover 100% of abortion costs
    As part of social security reforms in the socialist government's budget proposal, the nation of France may offer women free abortions and have the taxpayers pay for 100 percent of the abortion when the women cannot afford it.The French...
  • History dating back to 1635
    American Education History Reforms Teaching
    The American K-12 public schools of today have a history dating back to 1635. (See slide show.)Our Puritan roots of education believed that everyone should get an education in order to develop their own understanding of God. This belief that every...
  • Secretary of State Ross Miller
    Ross Miller to introduce Campaign Finance reform legislation, again
    Secretary of State Ross Miller today will introduce campaign finance reform legislation to Nevada legislators. The two Bills, AB 81 and AB 82, would make sure that candidates disclose who and were their donations are coming from BEFORE voters go...
  • Good and bad news about public employee pension funds
    Good and bad news about public employee pension funds
    Stocks That Pay features an article focused on state employee pension funds. Much of it is centered around New Jersey's dilemna and efforts to keep the pension system viable. Terrence Dopp, of Bloomberg reports, is noted as a source for data...
  • High property taxes breed personal tragedies: part two
    High property taxes breed personal tragedies: part two
    A previous article cited the personal difficulties of Selma DiMaio who, finding herself unable to pay property taxes and having reached 78 years of age, faces an uncertain future. The elderly are confronted with the harsh realities of a need for...
  • Assessing Christie's educational reforms
    Assessing Christie's educational reforms
    The Christie Reform Agenda: Putting New Jersey’s Children First By Challenging the System, makes a case for educational reform. Governor Christie frames the issue with a quote from a speech he made to the League of Municipalities in February...
  • Governor Christie Speaks
    Answering objections to Governor Christie's reforms
    Governor Christie introduces needed reforms focused on the purpose and benefits accruing from the Governor's pension and health reform measures. This article will address some of the objections mentioned in the article Gov. Christie outlines...
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