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  • President Barack Obama at United Nations
    Obama wrong again on combating ISIS terrorists, say experts
    President Barack Obama'stalking point drumbeatadvanced by his administration and hisnews media amen chorus -- that the U.S. coalition has killed about 10,000 jihadists in Iraq and Syria since September 2014 -- appears to be another example of...
  • Bill Humbert,
    Best time to recruit? Now!
    Many Salt Lake City corporate recruiters join their brethren across the US during the Holiday season by slowing their recruiting activity; and focus on other aspects of recruiting and Human Resources.The myths are that candidates are too busy to...
  • Bill Humbert, RecruiterGuy - Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker
    It all began very innocently on Halloween in Salt Lake City
    It was Halloween in 1992 and a Salt Lake City company decided to create one of those new Recruiting Departments. While the President did not know exactly what responsibilities were going to be required, he did have someone in mind to lead his new...
  • What is meant by "your turn in the barrel'?
    What is meant by "your turn in the barrel'?
    "It's your turn in the barrel" is an expression that means it's your turn to do something difficult, challenging, hard, disagreeable, or to suffer an unpleasant experience.There are many variations on the age-old story, but most...
  • Training Employees - Not Butts in Seats!
    Recruit, Inspire, Train & Retain the Best Employees - Easily!
    Finding, keeping and inspiring the best employees rate as thetop business concerns in every poll of executives we see. It even edges out improving customer service! Companies, and rightly so, know that theirsuccess with customers is linked to the...
  • Success in recruiting and invaluable employee development.
    Success in recruiting and invaluable employee development.
    Developing the competencies and skills of employees are key elements to increasing the effectiveness of ones recruiting initiatives as well as create good relationships between employee and employer. There are three areas human resource (HR)...
  • ClickZ
    First Impressions Count When Job Hunting - by Jake Langwith (ClickZ Jobs)
    Thought I'd share this article with the SF Recruiting Community: Impressions Count When Job HuntingBy: Jake Langwith | August 30, 2012Whether you like...
  • Job search strategies in the Information Age, part 1: Internet postings
    Job search strategies in the Information Age, part 1: Internet postings
    This is the first in a series of articles aimed at equipping jobseekers with information and ideas for conducting a fruitful job search. Part 2 will explore the use of professional recruiters and staffing agencies. Part 3 will discuss face-to-face...
  • Social Media and Recruiting
    Upcoming event: Social Media 'Boot Camp' for HR Professionals, 2/10
    Just when you thought using Twitter or Facebook was an activity to do outside of the office, think again. Social media is a necessary component of companies' branding and outreach campaigns, in particular in the area of human resources (HR)...
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