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  • MOCA
    MOCA Cleveland - Realization is better than anticipation
    Realization is better than anticipation. I think that in some cases, that is true. Other cases, I wonder why in the world someone would say that. You may realize that someone in your life truly loves you, cares about you, and thinks the world of...
  • A sudden shock show you how lost you’ve been
    A sudden shock shows you how lost you’ve been
    Literally “changing your mind” in an instant. Something cracks you wide open and you feel it. You begin to see certain things are not for your best interest.Whatever the mind tells you don’t fall for itNegative views and comments...
  • Why is compassion threatening to the ego
    Why is compassion threatening to the ego
    When you say ‘ego’ what is the first thing that comes to mind? Self-centered, that word alone sends up all kinds of flags and connotations. Walled-off, does not support anyone else, does not get sloe to others, wall is up and high,...
  • resized_sun_through_clouds.jpg
    Wellness is discovering your place on the continuum of life
    When we speak of recoveringvitality, wholeness, or clarity, we are really rediscoveringright relationship toLife. In that sense, the absence of wellness is merelymisunderstandingour environment. Recognizing thatour concepts of God, Creative...
  • (AP_Photo_Ng_Han_Guan).jpg
    Moving up to the next level
    It is amazing how life repeats itself. We grow and mature. We even evolve. But we end up somewhere a bit more predetermined than we ever expected. You see we keep recreating the same situation to learn a lesson at a different stage of spiritual...
  • (AP_Photo_Lefteris_Pitarakis).jpg
    Love is respecting diversity in others
    It is amazing that people who fall in love often want to change their beloved. Human beings can cherish someone and want to teach them life lessons.Margaret Fuller wrote, “Itslaw is a desire of Spirit to realize a whole. Which makes it seek...
  • (AP_Photo_Michael_Probst).jpg
    Understanding our past creates a new future
    When we understand significant people from our past who assisted in our maturation, we achieve healing. Everyone has a story to tell, and we must accept that we learn from every archetype.Life is a journey in which we learn courage. We learn how...
  • Wreath_in_honor_of_pows.jpg
    Healing changes us in ways we often do not expect
    Healing is a unique process. You will encounter the most fascinating people, travel to exotic places, and explore the mind.But the most interesting pilgrimage is the transformation of the self and the ability to handle things that once were...
  • Oscar.jpg
    Taking that first step into the nakedness of self
    The act of healing is the painful stripping of our protection. At some point we must step naked into the world and face that which we have created. Today is Good Friday, and I found the courage to walk buck naked into the back yard at four am.I...
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