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  • "White Sands" 1992 film
    WHITE SANDS 1992 shot in New Mexico & it gives us an excellent mystery
    "White Sands" (1992) was filmed in the cities of Alamagordo, Taos, Estancia & Santa Fe at New Mexico. The "Warner Bros." production budget stood at $25 million as the movie premiered on April 24, 1992. It peaked at $9...
  • "Viagra"
    Ray Donovan Episode Commentary:"Viagra"
    “Viagra “was by far the strangest episode of “Ray Donovan” this season.It was also filled with entertaining moments. Ray sets up Cochran via video, as Volcheck and Cochran swap their wives for sex. Simply put, the episode...
  • "Irish Spring"
    Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Irish Spring"
    “Irish Spring” featured Ray Donovan at his best. His manipulations by use of blackmail were what made this episode flow. There were several scenes that involved Mickey and Agent Cochran that made this a good episode. Their back and...
  • "Suck"
    Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Suck"
    “Suck” was the best episode of “Ray Donovan” so far this season.There were scandals, corruption and a brutally broken leg that will have you cringe to no end. Business has just picked up as we witness the Sully Sullivan...
  • Gem and Loan
    Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Gem and Loan"
    So far this season of “Ray Donovan” is off to a slow start. “Gem and Loan” is another one of those episodes that is no different. The story lines have not picked up yet, and there has been no action taken place whatsoever....
  • Ray Donovan
    Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Uber Ray"
    Mickey returns home while being set up for parole, Ray is now stuck babysitting his father, Abbey lives wild and free and benefits in the end. “Uber Ray” was a lack luster episode with a few laughs and slow build up. This episode did...
  • Ray Donovan Yo Soy Captain
    Ray Donovan Episode Commentary: "Yo Soy Captain"
    America's favorite Hollywood fixer is back. Showtime's "Ray Donovan" returns for it's highly anticipated second season. "Yo Soy Captain" explores new story lines that could have an impact on each character this...
  • "Elementary" CBS 2013
    CBS 'Elementary' Billionaire's estranged daughter murdered for inheritance
    The modern day Sherlock Holmes detective show “Elementary” (CBS) can be seen each Thursday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode was called, “Bood is Thicker.” In the overnight TV ratings it grabbed 8.39 million TV...
  • Jamie Foxx is Ray Charles in "Ray"
    "Ray" shines cinematic light on the life, music of Ray Charles
    I normally avoid watching movie biographies of celebrities and politicians; Hollywood has a tendency to take liberties with "biopics," often whitewashing pasts (“The Glenn Miller Story”) or exaggerating heroics ("PT-109...
  • Washington "Redskins" Team name
    MSNBC 'Hardball' reports on President Obama & 'Redskins' name
    The MSNBC program called, “Hardball with Chris Matthews” can be seen each night at 7 p.m. (Monday through Friday). It covers only U.S. politics. On Oct. 7, 2013 during the “Hardball Sideshow” segment which can be seen...
  • Ray Allen signs with Miami, changing the "Big" calibrations in the NBA
    Ray Allen signs with Miami, changing the "Big" calibrations in the NBA
    Ray Allen, previous member of the "Big 3" of the Boston Celtics, has agreed to sign with the Miami Heat as a free agent. Using simple math, it would appear as though Boston is now the "Big 2" with the loss of Allen, and Miami...
  • Ray J comforts Bobbi Kristina at mother's funeral
    Ray J comforts Bobbi Kristina at mother's funeral
    Bobbi Kristina was very emotional at her mother's funeral on Saturday. The 18-year-old stayed close by her grandmother, Cissy, and towards the end of the service, she was comforted by Ray J, her mother's dear friend who many believe had...
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