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  • Fracking affects the food you eat (Video)
    Fracking affects the food you eat (Video)
    The concept of fracking, drilling miles into the earth's surface and breaking it open with water that contains chemicals, has never been impressive as a means to find pockets of fuel. If it occurs to the average person that fracking is...
  • L'il Turkey
    What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?
    This morning, when my eyes opened to a new day, I saw that it was a cloudy day we'd be having. Three days ago, our first five inches of snow fell, the "season-opener" for Winter 2011-12. I don't love snow and I don't love...
  • Donkey await rescue by Humane Society of North Texas
    Help for Texas livestock owners in crisis
    As the drought continues, and once-fertile pastures become parched and dusty wasteland, new programs and resources are springing up to help out. So, as a follow-up to yesterday’s article, “Spotted donkeys rescued as drought continues...
  • Wolf
    Why we need wolves
    Despite the unqualified success of wolf-reintroduction into the American landscape, the livestock industry (which wants to turn the range into a large, cultivated back yard instead of the thriving, healthy wilderness it needs to be) as well as...
  • Pigs
    2011 should boost hog prices
    Swine producers will be bringing home the bacon this year.According to a Purdue University Extension economist, Chris Hurt, predicts a 10% spike in foreign hog purchases in 2011. If the number of exports rise as predicted and the...
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