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  • Russians plan attack on NY
    In 'Radiant Angel' by Nelson DeMille, John Corey is back to stop a Russian plot
    "Radiant Angel", the seventh book in the John Corey series is a lean and mean thriller from the pen of Nelson DeMille. Unlike the bloated "Panther", the 629 page prior Corey novel, this book is more straight forward and less...
  • Passwords stolen: Russian hackers stole 1.2b passwords, at-risk sites unknown
    Passwords stolen: Russian hackers stole 1.2b passwords, at-risk sites unknown
    Passwords stolen by Russian hackers number over one billion, making this latest cybercrime one of the largest data hauls to date. Over 400,000 Internet sites were targeted, and the massive assemblage of user names and passwords has put millions at...
  • Egyptian Courts Convict Muslim Brotherhood Supporters
    Egyptian Courts Convict Muslim Brotherhood Supporters
    Two Egyptian courts have sentenced another 170 people for crimes relating to the riots last year after former President Morsi was ousted from office. Charged with crimes of attacking Churchs, police stations, and a sports stadium none of the...
  • Russians beaten on home ice
    Finland ends Russia's Olympic run on its own soil
    The Russian Olympic hockey team had high hopes before facing Finland in the quarterfinals on Feb. 19. Reaching the Olympic medal round was the least the Russians could do in front of their home fans, who were dreaming of gold ever since Sochi was...
  • Oshie lifts USA in shootout
    U.S. hockey rides Oshie, controversial call to shootout win over Russians
    The USA-Russia Olympic hockey rivalry reached another high point on Feb. 15. Of course, the U.S. and Russian hockey teams weren't playing for the gold medal or even a berth in the finals, and the U.S's 3-2 shootout victory wasn't an...
  • U.S. hockey celebrates opening win
    U.S. hockey has six-goal barrage over Slovakia before facing Russians
    The USA men's hockey team started an uphill battle for the Olympic gold medal on Feb. 13. The rest of the Olympics likely won't be as easy for U.S. hockey as the second period against Slovakia was. However, the Americans will take any...
  • Russians dominate Sochi Winter Olympics in pairs figure skating
    Winter Olympic figure skating: Russians dominate pairs short program
    Now the inaugural figure skating team event is completed, the pairs began their individual short program Tuesday night on NBC’s primetime telecast. Only six couples were featured, including the two representing Team USA. The top ranked pairs...
  • Russia to extort triple their fee to fly U.S. astronauts into space
    Russia to extort triple their fee to fly U.S. astronauts into space
    Perhaps the Edward Snowden defection to Russia has caused a new Cold War style of tit for tat between the Russians and Americans.It now appears that the Russians will begin charging the U.S. government and NASA $71 million to transport a single...
  • Car waits at stop light in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
    Why so many dash-cams in Russia?
    Friday morning’s meteor fly-by took Russia by surprise as the 'shooting-star' exploded over the Ural Mountains, sending shockwaves that injured nearly 1,000 people. Lucky for the world, it was all captured live on video as hundreds...
  • Clinton discussing Syria
    Clinton met with Russians this morning over Syria
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Russians this morning to attempt to persuade them to withdraw all support for the Syrian regime headed by Bashar al-Assad. This is prompted by the reported fact that Syrian military has now locked and...
  • Barack Obama meets with Hu Jintao during the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C.
    Religious leadership series: introduction
    Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims. The world can still be generalized as having five major religions, and those named encompass roughly 5.5 of the 6.5 billion people on this planet (sources and results may vary) or about 85% of the...
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