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  • Only God could build DNA and protein
    Only God could build DNA and Protein
    We have written a number of articles entitled "Only God could build..." and with strong reasons behind them. But most of those were concerned with a creature with a brain albeit sometimes very small. But the title of our efforts here...
  • RNA Lab
    Contribute to scientific research by playing a game
    We may have grown up watching NOVA on PBS and learned a few scientific things, but now we can help with research by playing a game online. All this is through NOVA RNA Lab.RNA Lab is available free online at
  • Meteor shower
    Scientists suggest we are Martian microbes that migrated to Earth on a rock
    This scientific theory sounds so far-fetched that it might not even make a campy cosmic movie. It seems a couple of scientists are pushing a theory that the first earthlings migrated from Mars on a rock.According to Space News, in an article...
  • The Brain, DNA, and PTSD
    PTSD and the effect on DNA Part 1
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a much studied medical condition that can affect anyone at any time when the individual is subjected to undue trauma, fear, stress, or other abnormal situations like war where all the above probably occur...
  • The cell: Complex building blocks of life created by the great Designer
    The cell: Complex building blocks of life created by the great Designer
    The cell has inside very complex machinery. This machinery must exist to synthesize (that is, to manufacture) proteins, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid). And the machinery that does this consists of proteins, DNA and RNA!...
  • Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry postdoctoral fellow Chiaolong Hsiao (left) and professor Loren Williams examine on a light box a polyacrylamide gel surrounded by an iron solution to determine whether RNA is stable in the iron solution.
    New research: Life processes began before oxygen was on Earth
    New research that shows that RNA is capable of catalyzing electron transfer without the presence of oxygen was presented on May 19, 2013, in the journal Nature Chemistry by Loren Williams, a professor in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry at...
  • The interaction of en:mRNA in a cell.
    RNA found to make humans different from primates in new research
    Research presented at the American Society of Human Genetics 2012 meeting by Yoav Gilad, Ph.D., associate professor of human genetics at the University of Chicago, on November 6, 2012, is the first to define the basic genetic differences that set...
  • Shown are RNA strands (blue) and RNA enzymes (red) coming together within droplets of dextran. Scientists at Penn State have shown that this compartmentalization helps to catalyze chemical reactions.
    RNA world hypothesis proven possible at Penn State
    Researchers at Penn State University are the first to demonstrate that the RNA world hypothesis has substance in physical reality according to a paper published in the Advance Online issue of the journal Nature Chemistry on October 14, 2012, and...
  • ENCODE Project: nature may be better at processing information than we think
    ENCODE Project: nature may be better at processing information than we think
    Scientist debunk “Junk DNA” theory, with the five year ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA elements) project.While in a very short period of time, human beings have made incredible strides in regard to technology and information processing,...
  • This is an infrared image of the Rho Ophiuchi star forming region observed by NASA's WISE satellite
    First simple sugar found in space
    A team of astronomers led by researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute reported the discovery of the first simple sugar molecules found in the gas cloud orbiting a very young star in the Rho Ophiuchi star forming region in the August 29, 2012,...
  • DNA and RNA
    DNA and RNA
    The molecules of DNA monomers are not symmetrical, during DNA replication, a leading strand or head is always attached to a tail of an existing polymer. The regularly spaced phosphate groups are negatively charged, an important factor in...
  • A sunburn, photographed two days after a five-hour exposure to the sun. Uncoloured parts of the skin were unburned because they were covered by a bathing suit during the exposure
    Sunburn caused by RNA damage per new research (Video)
    The biological mechanism that causes sunburn is a consequence of RNA damage to skin cells by ultraviolet (UV) radiation according to research published in the July 8, 2012, advance online publication of Nature Medicine that was reviewed at the...