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  • Warning for parents about marijuana wax
    Warning for parents about marijuana wax
    Marijuana wax, referred to as Dabs or Butane Hash Oil, in teen social circles, was not created for the purposes that many teens are using it. The ‘wax’ was actually created to help people with epilepsy calm down their disorder. Someone...
  • RIG
    RIG headset brings impressive audio integration to gaming
    Device:RIGManufacturer: PlantronicsRelease Date: August 20thPrice: $129.99 Integrating gaming hardware is the way of the future. Looking at home consoles, handhelds and mobile phones is evidence of this. The marriage of your devices, where...
  • Bub's Rig better hookset and weedless
    Bub's Rig better hookset and weedless
    You can throw a chatterbait, but it’s not weedless. If you rig it like Bub’s rig you can come through anything.A Texas Rig is a hook, sliding sinker, and some folks add a bead to protect the knot. Jigs are an assemblage of a lead...
  • Jordan's setup
    A guide to PC Gaming: Stock VS Custom
    There's a certain belief that seems to be getting very popular these days; "PC Gaming is dead". This isn't necessarily true, as the computer is one of the most versatile gaming systems out there.For people who may be new to using...
  • Knot2Kinky wire swivel breakthrough terchnology
    Knot2Kinky wire swivel breakthrough technology
    North eastern Florida-based Aquateko released a cool little piece of terminal tackle that is transparent. This tiny device justmight make traditional metal swivels that corrodeobsolete.Anglers are now realising that Knot2Kinky ‘NiTinol&rsquo...
  • The Earl Brinn Bottom Rig
    The Earl Brinn Bottom Rig
    Earl Brinn introduced this rig some years ago, and though he has passed, this rig is still very popular up and down the coast. It was designed for pompano, but as you will see, can be tuned to almost any other species you want to fish for.Pompano...
  • Cannonball Rig
    The Cannonball Red Drum Rig
    Anglers are notorious for being tinkerers and naturally they spend a great deal of time perfecting a rig for a certain application. Often they don’t improve anything, but when they get it right, it’s a great one. Here we have a rig...
  • Hatteras Style Red Drum Rig
    Fishfinder rigs - an in depth look at an excellent rig
    There are many variations of the fishfinder rig, and here we will break down and discuss several of these variants. First, you may be asking the question “what is a fishfinder rig?” Well, it’s a simple but very effective rig...
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