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  • Autrey's new showroom.
    Autrey’s Armory expands showroom
    Autrey’s Armory in Fayetteville has expanded its showroom. The new showroom is much larger and offers a much wider variety of merchandise than was available in the past. There is also an expanded classroom for training events. A lounge area...
  • Radio Host Adam Kokesh
    Group plans 'armed march' in DC to protest government tyranny
    Recently, I’ve written several articles about how the government is pushing hard with new laws and regulations that are considered tyranny by many, and may cause a revolt in America. This, I say, will be caused because of the new proposed...
  • Walmart
    Gun sales surge at Wal- Mart and other retailers
    When Adam Lanza fired his assault rifle into the classrooms and hallways at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, he likely had no idea that his atrocious act would lead to increases in sales of weapons and ammunition.That Lanza...
  • Assault Weapons Ban
    Federal Assault Weapons Ban vs the right to bare an Uzi?
    Most Americans believe in the right to bare arms. But do those arms need to be an M16, or an AK47? This is what is up for debate but will it solve the problem?Even here in Columbus the discussion is heated. Facebook is blowing up with different...
  • Grizzly bear
    Wyoming Game & Fish won't say R-word to hunters in grizzly country
    With big game hunting season approaching, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department has just posted a web page on "Staying Safe in Bear Country" that carefully avoids mention of the dreaded R-word.Rifle.Hunters use rifles to kill deer, elk,...
  • Colonial Shooting Academy
    The largest indoor shooting range in the U.S recently opened in Richmond, VA
    The 60,000 square-foot Colonial Shooting Academy is a luxurious space which offers merchandise, shooting lanes, classes, and private memberships. There are 51 recreational, private, and tactical shooting lanes which provide a comfortable shooting...
  • Aisles in the SHOT show
    SHOT Show 2012
    SHOT Show 2012 reviewThe most significant observation made at the SHOT show in Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada this year was the increase in hunting related vendors, which can only be a good sign that the economy has become a little...
  • Firearms Guide 2nd Edition
    Firearms Guide 2ND Edition DVD
    If you’re like most hunters or firearms enthusiasts you eat, sleep and breathe all things related to the shooting sports. Well I also fall under that category which is why I was excited to hear about an interactive DVD called Firearms Guide...
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