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  • Eugene lampwork artist Nancy Gant
    Eugene lampwork artist Nancy Gant is blowing glass and minds
    After taking a lampworking class in 1999, Eugene resident Nancy Gant fell in love with the century-old technique of blowing glass into miniature forms. Three years ago, she chose to quit her job and do what she loves to do - create art in Italian...
  • Resident Evil 4 - Fog Version Screenshot
    What the Next Resident Evil Could Learn from the Scrapped Resident 4 Versions
    With the backlash of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and, to a lesser extent, Resident Evil 6, the gaming community criticized Capcom for its gameplay and creative design choices of these two games. Yet, with Resident Evil: Revelations,...
  • Snapshot from the 2010 debut trailer of Resident Evil: Revelations
    What could have been: Resident Evil: Revelations
    Remember back in 2010 when Capcom showed off the first official trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations? It featured Chris, Jill, Hunk, and possibly another character, and more notably, zombies. When Revelations was released on the 3DS in 2012, the...
  • Resident Evil: Revelations
    Resident Evil: Revelations Xbox 360 review
    Action and horror meet once again.It has been about one year since Resident Evil: Revelations made its debut on the Nintendo 3DS. Now, PC and console owners have the chance to experience the newest, main entry Resident Evil title. For what it is...
  • Review - Resident Evil 6
    Review - Resident Evil 6
    No matter your opinion of the Resident Evil series as a whole, one has to be impressed with the sheer longevity of it. Resident Evil has been one company, telling one (semi-coherent) story, on ten different consoles, over fifteen years. The series...
  • Resident Evil Revelations
    Resident Evil Revelations 3DS Demo review
    One of many of my downloaded demos, I'm most interested in this game because I very much enjoyed many of the previous entries in the Resident Evil series. In the same line of games like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, I love creepy games and...
  • Boulder resident focus of major Hollywood film
    Boulder resident focus of major Hollywood film
    Helen Bates "Penny" Chenery, a boulder resident, will soon be sharing her life's work through the major motion picture "Secretariat". The film, produced by Disney, chronicles her exceptional life as a horse breeder and...
  • Los Suns, during the 2010 NBA play offs.
    Out of Work Actors To Get Boost From Immigration Law
    When lawmakers in Arizona passed SB 1070, they really thought it would be received as an answer to the prayers of the unemployed. And despite protests, it still is. Amare Stoudemire is now a New York Knick. The Los Suns are no more. And soon, more...
  • Huntington City Building
    Huntington Common Council passes service fee
    Last year, Huntington Indiana's Mayor Steve Updike started laying off workers and this year changed trash pick up to bi weekly because of a budget shortfall. He then went on to propose a service fee for the citizens of Huntington. He has since...
  • Shooter: Cory Pinkerton
    Huntington shooter's statement
    The story surrounding the shooting death of Donald Barton has divided opinions. The admitted shooter, Cory Pinkerton, stated to Huntington, Indiana police that he, the victim and a few friends had been drinking. According to someone close to...
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