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  • Small rescued female
    Community cats need rescuers not more laws
    Just read on Facebook this message from a girl named Gina Delle Donne'TNR is so heartbreaking, as a matter of fact I hate doing it. I always say after this one I won't do it anymore, but if I quit more kittens will be born and what kind of...
  • Dogs impounded at OC Animal Care
    Rescuer files $2.5 million dollar lawsuit against Orange County Animal Care
    In what has been a tumultuous almost 2 year long legal battle between long time animal rescuer Sharon Logan and the Orange County Animal Care has resulted in a $2.5 million dollar, 13 page lawsuit filed by Sharon Logan against the Orange County...
  • Where are our values?
    Where are our values?
    Where do we get our pets? Although many of us do look at shelters and rescues many times our heads are turned to breeders and pet shops. The appeal of breeders and pet shops is the astatic. Certainly we do approach the stewardship of a pet with...
  • Capsized ferry in South Korea
    South Korea: Death toll rises from sinking ferry
    As if the news wasn't horrible enough that 36 people have been confirmed dead today Saturday, April 19, after a a South Korean ferry sank. According to news reports out of South Korea the operator has had prior issues.According to USA Today,...
  • Van full of kids rescued from ocean.
    Rescuers speak out on pregnant mom that drove three kids into the ocean
    The dramatic rescue of three children that were driven into the ocean by their pregnant mother on Tuesday has been all over the news. More details are now emerging on exactly what happened the moments before the incident and how it all went down....
  • Sochi strays race for shelter before exterminators clear the streets
    Sochi rescuers race to save strays from exterminators
    A Feb. 5 New York Times article by David Herszenhorn brings hope to the thousands of stray dogs in Sochi hoping to evade the poisoned darts of government-hired exterminators.According to the article, a Russian billionaire has funded an emergency...
  • Codependent relationships
    Codependent relationships
    Codependency can be defined as having an underdeveloped sense of self-esteem combined with an inappropriate caring for others and an inappropriate reliance on another's response in a negatively reinforcing way.They are known as caregivers,...
  • Collateral Murder
    U.S. favors the tactics of terrorists in drone strikes
    One of al-Qaeda’s favorite terrorism tactics is the so called “follow up” attack aimed at those who respond to the scene of an original attack to treat the wounded or remove the dead.Called by officials the “double- tap....
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