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  • Earth from space on a sunny afternoon
    Young earth: to the skeptics
    Four years ago, someone at the site Skeptics Stackexchange posed this question: can anyone support, with evidence, the claim of a young earth? Specifically he asked whether any evidence suggested the earth was only 6,000 years old.The exact number...
  • Need more winter boots? Then head on over to Bon-Ton!
    Need more winter boots? Then head on over to Bon-Ton!
  • Dr. Walter E. Jacobson's Einstein's Cosmic Journey: A Biographical fantasy of quantum proportions
    Dr. Walter E. Jacobson's Einstein's Cosmic Journey Reviewed
    Author: Walter E. Jacobson M.D.ISBN: 9780615773810If you love solving puzzles and enjoy reading about such brilliant twentieth-century minds as Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, and Wolfgang Pauli, you are in for a treat with Dr. Walter E. Jacobson'...
  • The Crow
    'The Crow' reboot moving forward with new writer - Bradley Cooper to star?
    After months of buzz surrounding a possible Crow remake from Relativity, the plans for the movie are now moving forward with a 2012 release date to theaters in Scottsdale and around the country. Collider reported on Wednesday that Alex Tse had...
  • thecrow
    The Crow: Want to see Bradley Cooper in white face paint?
    Bradley Cooper has taken the world by storm in the past couple years and most recenly starred in the successful Limitless from Relativity. It appears as if The Hangover star likes working with the studio as The Hollywood Reporter states that he is...
    Time dilation made easy
    Einstein's theories of relativity suggest time is affected by how fast you're moving and how close you are to a gravitational field, like Earth's. In everyday life, these time fluctuations are too small for us to notice but now,...
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