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  • Relatives of Pope die in car crash in Argentina
    Relatives of Pope die in car crash
    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Tragically, three of the Pope's relatives were killed today in a car accident.KTVU in San Francisco reports that three of Pope Francis relatives were killed while a fourth one remains in critical condition. The...
  • Visit Your Relatives Day:  Funny quotes & sentimental sayings about family
    Visit Your Relatives Day: Funny quotes & sentimental sayings about family
    May 18 is all about family. It’s Visit Your Relatives Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates family!Let’s be frank. Most of us lead very busy, hectic lives. Between the career, the kids, housework and the yard, there...
  • MH370 relatives home
    MH370 relatives home: Screams and sobs as MH370 relatives told to go home
    Flight MH370 relatives were advised they must return home. The announcement was made at Beijing’s Lido Hotel Thursday where hundreds of family members had been living for weeks now as they awaited word on any new developments on missing...
  • Halle Berry
    Sarah Palin’s secret relative is Halle Berry? ‘In some twisted way’
    Halle Berry had a good laugh when she found out she was related to Sarah Palin and American will too. Apparently the actress who is known for her talent on the theater screen has been holding out that she is related to Sarah Palin. While thereisn&...
  • The author's grandparents and 14 children
    A Scandalous Family Reunion
    Summer is the season for family reunions. I’ve got one this summer. My father was one of 14 children who grew up in Spokane. They were born when American families had no reproductive brake pedal. Grandma and Grandpa died years ago probably...
  • Thanksgiving meals
    Tips for a peaceful Thanksgiving meal
    Many families travel from Atlanta to the North Georgia mountains for the Thanksgiving holidays. Blairsville has been working diligently to present the old-fashioned Thanksgiving atmosphere. There are beautiful colors, displays of haystacks and...
  • A Sinking Feeling:  The Family Reunion
    A Sinking Feeling: The Family Reunion
    I have been to basic training and family reunions and I prefer the former over the latter. Last summer, I attended the worst kind of family reunion, specifically, the dreaded in-law family reunion. I have always lived by the motto, "There...
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