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  • Reviving Patagonia
    From Patagonia to Colorado; Saving the planet's grasslands
    Here in Colorado, the mountains are the show. Their dramatic rise out of the landscape has had us humans enthralled for centuries. We hike up them, ski down them and marvel in awe while taking photos of them. However, mountains are only half the...
  • Still A Cowboy
    The Lighter Side Of Cowboy Life: The Pits
    In the previous article “Cowboy Snow Angels”, I talked about my first job as a cowboy taking care of three hundred milk cows, and how we had to train them to drop their waste in the waiting pen before they went into the milk barn to be...
  • Cowboy Mitch
    The Lighter Side of Cowboy Life--Cowboy Snow Angels
    When you have three hundred cows that have to be milked twice a day, you have to be organized. It helps to have the cows trained too. The milk barn has to be kept clean for that is where the milk is collected from the cows. You don’t want...
  • Daisy Mae
    Go Green and Raise Your Own Meat Animals
    There are many pros and cons to raising your own steer or hog, but the overall results are well worth the trouble. The pros include healthy meat free of radicals, no hormones, and an ample supply despite rising costs commercially in all markets....
  • Feral stallions fighting for dominance of a herd of mares
    Should wild horses, wolves, be sacrificed for public lands ranchers
    Thedilemma has come down to this: Should ranchers be allowed to graze their livestock on public lands, then expect both Government help and public support for killing any native wildlife there that conflicts with their non-native livestock?Point 1...
  • cattle brand
    The importance of branding in early Arizona
    During the 1850's and 60's most of the cattle in the ArizonaTerritory were just passing through. Texas ranchers hired cowboys to drive their large herds across Arizona to the markets of California. However, during the 1870's and 80'...
  • Cover of "The Scent of Rain and Lightning" by Nancy Pickard.
    “The Scent of Rain and Lightning” by Nancy Pickard
    Nancy Pickard is a critically acclaimed author having won an Anthony Award, a Macavity Award and three Agatha Awards. She has also been nominated for four Edgar Awards. In addition to her novels, Pickard also writes short stories, many of which...
  • Service Trailer
    5 New Farm/Ranch Equipment Advances
    In the April edition of the High Plains Journal/Midwest Ag Journal, five products were highlighted in the New Prodcut News section. As farming continues to grow advances in technology makes it easier for farmers to work efficently. The easier it...
  • Celebrating American cowboy heritage
    National day of the American cowboy
    An original American icon, the American cowboy signifies a courageous, pioneering spirit. The term cowboy conjures images of steadfast, hard-working individuals garbed in a cowboy hat, chaps and spurs driving herds of cattle from upon horseback....
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