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  • Quantum
    Top Deck: Fourth Quantum-class cruise ship on the way
    Top Deck publishes every Saturday. Don't miss it!Another Quantum-class ship is on the way. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. says it will order a fourth mega-ship for the Royal Caribbean International brand, with delivery scheduled in 2019. The 4...
  • Comatose patients are mindfully aware according to new documentation
    Comatose patients are mindfully aware according to new documentation
    Some comatose patients have been able to tell scientists who were in the room with them, and what was going on. New research is showing proof that there is always some kind of consciousness going on.Scientists are examining the brain waves of...
  • Anthem of the Seas
    Another Quantum-class cruise ship for Royal
    A fourth Quantum-class cruise ship is set to be constructed for Royal Caribbean International. The new 4,100-passenger mega-ship, not yet named, will join Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, which recently debuted, and Ovation of the Seas,...
  • There are no accidents.  There is some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.
    Quest to Unmask “Reality”: Science & Spirituality at Accords
    All is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis – Henry Miller
What is reality? Can we define it in such a way that whatever experiments we throw at it, the definition will be validated?One possible definition: reality is...
  • Author, Barry Vaudrin in North Star high above Quantum of the Seas
    Richard Fain Caught giving back to the Crew of Royal Caribbean International
    Richard Fain is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Caribbean International, and just this past week, Cruising Authority caught Richard in the act of giving back to the crew members aboard the brand new Quantum of the Seas, at sea...
  • The Quantum Enigma by Epica, 2014, Nuclear Blast
    Epica returns with phenomenal sixth studio album 'The Quantum Enigma'
    Inexplicably, it feels as though the Dutch symphonic metal band Epicahas reinvented itself. Typically, when this transformation happens with a band, one can point out the changes easily -- it is usually fairly obvious. The unique thing with Epica...
  • Do you make this mistake in your quantum health
    Do you make this mistake in your quantum health
    “The trouble is in the mind, for the body is only a house for the mind to dwell in. Therefore, if your mind had been deceived by some invisible enemy into a belief, you have out into in the form of a disease, with or without your knowledge....
  • Theoretical Bi2Se3 superconducting topological insulator
    UofM’s Dirac electrons point way to quantum computer
    In this post we attempt to wander into the tall grass known as quantum computing. Some of this confusing jungle has been cut away by Professor Lu Li (Physics) of the University of Michigan. In a U of M press release (December 4, 2012) he/they...
  • Hawking at Universal Studios
    Hawking's grand design to dismiss philosophy without free will, part 8
    On June 9 The Discovery Channel aired the following program:DOES STEPHEN HAWKING KNOW THE MEANING OF LIFE?HIS ‘GRAND DESIGN’ CONNECTS THE COSMIC DOTS ON DISCOVERYBelow is the eighth excerpt from my new book What Your Atheist Professor...
  • QKarD Dock (not a quantum cell phone) - for quantum key encryption of wireless information
    The quantum cell phone
    Or more properly "The Quantum Encrypted Cell Phone". No, don't try "googling" quantum cell phone - you'll get a promoted link which will take you to an AT&T store. A further inquiry will not help you find such a...
  • University of Michigan Solar Car Team
    U-M solar car takes third in international competition
    Concluding five days and more than 35 hours of driving, the University of Michigan's "Quantum" finished third in this year's World Solar Challenge, and was the first American vehicle to complete the race.The Michigan Solar Car...
  • Bronzeye 65
    Dean Rojas' tools for fishing the frog
    Spring time is a great time to attack bass filled waters in Louisiana. Life returns to the bayous, marshes and lakes and plant life erupts with the season. The top water bass bite returns too and one of the most exciting top water lures on the...
  • Creating 1,000 millionaire women, with Bruce Perlowin
    Creating 1,000 millionaire women, with Bruce Perlowin
    When: Today, Thursday February 10, 4:30pm - 7pmWhere:6009 Ponderosa Way,Las Vegas, NVBruce Perlowin will be taking another opportunity to share his vision of creating 1,000 millionaire women through his groundbreaking quantum economic model. He...
  • gold3.jpg
    Op-Ed: Is the Golden Rule really the best idea?
    www.FreedomTracks.comWhat is today known as the “golden rule”, is found in similar form in at least 37 often non-connected cultures. Thus, the laws of God are clearly written on the conscience of humanity, as the Bible claims and as...
  • hoppression.jpg
    Op-Ed: Does belief in God cause human oppression?
    www.FreedomTracks.comIs it really accurate, assome intellectualsclaim today, to blame belief in God as the cause of war and other human oppression? Is this any more correct than blaming science and education? Isn't it more honest to instead, blame...
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