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  • Facts about the Northern Bobwhite Quail
    Facts about the Northern Bobwhite Quail
    The northern bobwhite quail is a small rotund, ground dwelling bird. Adults grow to about 10 inches long with 15-inch wingspan. This quail has a mottled brown, buff, white, black and gray body with a short, dark tail. Males have a white throat...
  • Walk a Block for Jesus:  Mangum Edition
    That we might all shout like prophets
    Read Numbers 11:24-30There is the story of the hands on the cattle drive being short-handed. Who were they short?Well, the cook had died a few days into the ride. None of the hands wanted to cook. They would rather drive herd than cook, but...
  • prepared rabbit
    Bunnies hopping from farm to table
    Those who patronize restaurants which source meat locally may be surprised to find rabbit on the menu there. However, for at least one local farmer, raising rabbits has become one way to grow business beyond the local farmers' market.Eli Creek...
  • Quail
    Quail: The new bird on the block
    Quail has been pecking its way onto plates at the hottest restaurants in the city. From Chef Matt Lambert’s New Zealand style, The Musket Room, to superstar Marc Forgione's Southeast Asian restaurant, Khe-Yo, it seems that chicken is...
  • First view at The Quail
    The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering overwhelms the senses
    Once again The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering outdoes itself in sheer excellence. Now it will be the only main event for the Friday of the Monterey Weekend which fell on the 16th of August this year. It was just announced today that the competing...
  • Northern Bobwhite quail
    Try CP33 to get quail on your farm
    Everyone knows that the Farm Bill has huge power to affect the way agriculture is practiced in the U.S. It also hugely affects wildlife habitat and streamside zones that support quality of life and clean water supply. One of the practices...
  • Lost River Game Farm attracts bird hunters
    Lost River Game Farm attracts bird hunters
    When autumn leaves have left the trees and winter’s chill creeps in, Bob Hudelson knows that many folks will be heading to his Lost River Game Farm. For most of them, the quest is to put tasty quail, chukar or pheasant on the holiday dining...
  • Quail update
    Quail update:Nesting may be suspended as temperatures rise late June temperatures pushing past 100 degrees Fahrenheit, quail nesting will likely stall-at least temporarily-at both OSU quail research sites. Graduate students and technicians continue...
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