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  • Wii for me?
    Pros and Cons of VideoGaming Made Simple
    Why is it that people like video games so much? Is it the flashing lights, the charming music, the sense of accomplishment when you beat a final boss? It seems to come down to an ability to remove the player from the world around them, the...
  • Mom and Child
    Stay-at-home mom pros and cons
    As a woman, you are faced with many decisions: one being whether to stay at home with your child or work. Every woman has to do what is best for her and her family. A stay-at-home mom may look at a working mom with envy. The working woman has the ...
  • Sephora
    Sephora Fridays
    Wanna glam your weekends up? Every Friday the Sephora Beauty Studio kicks off your weekend with express services with in store beauty experts. Sounds good? It gets better. All express services are free and no appointment is needed. With pros from...
  • Golfing it at St. Mary's
    Golf is the name of the game at St. Mary's Medical Center
    When people think of children in a hospital their mood becomes morose. Oh, those poor kids! How depressing! Not at St. Mary's Medical Center, in West Palm Beach, where golf has taken on a new meaning.St. Mary's is the second South Florida...
  • Thumbs up or thumbs down?
    The pros and cons of networking your computers
    If you look at computing in general today, you’ll see how the Internet, most business organizations and even private individuals on a smaller scale depend on network computers. The upside of a computer network is made very clear by the many...
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