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  • Farrah Abraham
    ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham slammed for promoting pregnancy and sex toys
    “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham shared her pregnancy story on “16 & Pregnant” as she was a single mother trying to deal with her new baby and the loss of Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood. However, she made it work...
  • Blog Logo
    Blog your heart out
    I am often asked how to begin blogging and what is required. Being owner of my own blog, Southern Belle's Sense, for a year now, I still don't have all those answers but have accumulated many tips for new bloggers. There are literally...
  • Guggenheim Grotto
    Artist Feature: Guggenheim Grotto
    I have come across a fantastic folk-pop Irish duo,Guggenheim Grotto. Their music is simplistic and heartfelt, with a hint of melancholiness to add to their music's effect. They have released five albums, with two of them being EP's. Their...
  • A Thousand Horses
    Artist Review: A Thousand Horses
    I love these guys' sound; reminds me of the days of classic rock and roll, and these guys are bringing it back, with style and class! Their sound and lyrical style are persuasive and inviting, and you can't help but want just a bit more....
  • Redtrack
    Grab some free acoustic tracks from Redtrack!
    With the pending release of their album, Whole Town's Heart, to be the first album released on Label Fandango, Redtrack are giving away three, free acoustic tracks of their original songs, 'Cigarette,' 'The Trier,' and '...
  • Roman Holiday
    Washington State Rock Band, Roman Holiday, Premiere New Video!
    A Talent In Borders favorite; the guys from Roman Holiday, a Seattle, Washington based rock/alternative band, who always release catchy tunes, with interesting guitar riffs, along with astounding vocals and cohesive harmonizing instruments! They...
  • Jill Andrews
    Jill Andrews Kickstarting New Album 'The Mirror'
    Jill, one of my favorite artists to blog, talk about and see live is doing something interesting and chock-full of goodies with her new venture regarding her music. Upon the debut of her full-length album, 'The Mirror,' she is providing a...
  • Little Comets
    UK Pop/Alternative band, Little Comets-Single 'Isles' out October 18th
    UK-based, pop/alternative band,Little Comets, are making the waves with their pending single, 'Isles,' due out October 18th. As a special treat for fans and readers alike, the band are offering an orchestral version of the song as a free...
  • resized_TGN_BeMyAnimal.jpg
    Fresh and Raw Talent, The Good Natured out of the UK-featuring 'Prisoner'
    So much great music being introduced to me these days! The most recent addition is by a lovely, young talent, Sarah McIntosh from the UK. Her voice is raw and her music tests boundaries, specifically those regarding intimate relationships. Sarah...
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