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  • A glimpse of PlayStation's Original Series 'Powers'
    A glimpse of PlayStation's Original Series 'Powers'
    PlayStation's original series Powers is a comic based show set in a time and place where super powers can be used to skyrocket a person to fame and glory. The individuals blessed with these abilities are called powers. This series will show...
  • Powers
    Brian Michael Bendis' 'Powers' to be adapted for television
    Well here's some comic news coming from E3 2014. At their E3 press conference earlier this week, Sony announced the live-adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's "Powers" comic series into a 10-episode series...
  • The Darkest Minds
    'The Darkest Minds'
    I loved this book. I had heard so many good things about it and I thought it sounded interesting but now I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner. I read Alexandra Bracken's first bookBrightly Wovenand loved it so I was excited to try...
  • 'Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl' introduces much of the world of 'Powers'
    The mystery of ‘Who Killed Retro Girl’ introduces the world of ‘Powers'
    Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming bring the ripped from the headlines feel of the police procedural dramas like “Law and Order” and “Homicide: Life of the Streets” to the super hero genre in “Powers.”...
  • Michael Oeming
    Interview with writer and artist Michael Oeming
    Michael Oeming has become one of the most unique creators out there bringing to life such hits like The Mice Templar, Powers, Wild Rover, and most recently The Victories for Dark Horse Comics. His art stands out from the sea of clones to deliver...
  • Constitutional powers of congress: Part one
    Constitutional powers of congress: Part one
    Since time and the Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) and Common Core objectives give a cursory glance of the United States Constitution in Oklahoma American history classes, this list will provide a more comprehensive look into the...
  • POWERS by James A. Burton
    Spotlighting: author James A. Burton
    James A. Burton has created a world that is dark, authentic, and hauntingly familiar. Fantasy meets epic in POWERS, and Burton offers insight into the creative process and how his worlds come to be. Book Synopsis: Albert Johannson lives off the...
  • PowersNightHawks
    Be a policeman and work alongside Jason Patric, Charles Dutton...and Lucy Punch!
    As we mentioned before, the FX tv series Powers will be filming in Chicago, and the producers are looking for police officers and performers who've played police in film and tv as extras. The pilot is shooting in July!Look at who you'll be...
  • Bioshock
    Bioshock Review (PS3 / Xbox360 /PC)
    Plunge into the depths of frigid ocean waters and visit the beautiful Art Deco world of “Rapture”, where a time capsule of the 60’s is waiting to unveil a story of survival and treachery around every corner. Bioshock is a FPS...
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